I am the Joyous Misfit

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Hi, I'm Emma

I am a visual artist, photographer, author, creative coach and speaker!

Put simply, I am a Multi-Passionate Creatrix, a Joyous Misfit, living life as creatively as possible!

My own studies of the arts took me through college and university, after which I taught primary school children for 15 years, coaching and mentoring schools across South Glos to better their practice, before following my own passion to create and lead.


The whole way through my journey, I have been a passionate advocate of the power of art. I believe that it can heal, transform and awaken an understanding of ourselves and the world around us. It can evoke empathy, form new ideas and create change in your own life and the world like nothing else can. It creates beauty and brings joy to our lives even in our darkest days...

Quite honestly, I whole-heartedly believe it is ESSENTIAL to our human existence!

artist painting wall mural

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You can buy original or printed artwork online, or visit us in store at EM's Little Gallery.
I am actively creating art all of the time, it is my passion, so there is sure to be something perfect for you.