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You are the BOSS!

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The Boss exudes an intense aura of power, coupled with unwavering willpower. They radiate strength and fearlessness, viewing challenges as invitations to showcase their inner resolve. Confrontation doesn't intimidate them; in fact, they relish it and rarely back down easily.

The powerful CEO leader

Type: Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful, and Confrontational Ideal Career: CEO
Typical Trauma Response: Fight

Healthy traits:

The Boss is a strong leader and challenger. She is naturally seen, heard and followed by others. She has a strong desire to contribute and will often be the 'fixer' in a situation. She is often bold and loud, and fears being controlled, but this can lead to her being controlling. Her healthy self wants to deeply care for and nurture others. When her needs are met, she will show up and lead from this place.

Unhealthy traits:

Where she fears losing control or being controlled, the boss can sink deep into being 'prepared'. She can get lost in the details and can become withdrawn, feeling stuck, and not knowing how to move forward. In her unhealthy state, she can fear judgement or being 'caught out' and becomes a researcher, spending her time preparing rather than taking the action & leading as she naturally should.

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Pleasure Activation:

The Boss is strong, fiercely independent and enjoys leading. When given the opportunity to do this, she will light up and you will see her full potential. She is well suited to running her own business as it gives her the perfect environment to play to her strengths. She enjoys attention and being recognised as an authority, so people and situations that give her this are sure to turn her on. She needs passion in the bedroom to be truly satisfied, and a partner who sees her fully and plays with role dynamics, allowing her to either dominant or submit, will be sure to please her.

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