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Create a life that turns you on

Are you ready to step into your true self?

Starting March 2023

A 3 month transformational journey to empower you to live the life you want

IGNITE Programme

Your Life. Your Way.

Are you ready to step into your wild, authentic, creative self?

Do you want to dance to the beat of your own drum, and live your soul's purpose?

A 3 month transformational journey to empower you to live the life you want

Now enrolling for November 2022

What exactly is IGNITE?

The ignite programme is a 12 week online group programme to activate and ignite you to your true creative power and purpose through your own uniqueness.

You will learn where YOU want to be and how YOU want to live. You will learn how to turn your dreams into a reality, how to get your creative work seen, with confidence, and how to make money through your creativity!

The programme is divided up into 3 months: CONNECT, ACTIVATE and IGNITE.

There is a LIVE group coaching call via zoom every week, and a private Facebook group that forms an intimate and supportive sister circle for you to share our journey.

The programme contains activation video lessons each month and online materials to support your journey.

This very special  limited to 10 goddesses so that everyone can receive my support and guidance throughout their journey.

What do we cover?


  • Connect with your creativity, your passion, your drive

  • Discover your soul calling and begin to vision your life around it

  • Connect to your inner 'knowing', begin to trust yourself 

  • Begin to develop your confidence through the creative embodiment practises that I teach you

  • 'Find the patterns', those reoccurring things that help us to recognise our purpose

  • Use the guided meditations to increase your confidence and begin to put this work into action

  • Connect with your creative sisters to help you grow

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  • Embrace and actively embody your 7 feminine archetypes to balance and align to your true self.

  • Discover and activate your true creative desires - Get clear on your craft - How can you live by this? How can you earn from this? Allow me to guide you to answering these questions with clarity and certainty

  • Get clear on your own upper limits - where are you holding yourself back?

  • Empower yourself to actively lift your own limits, allowing you to lay the foundations for the creative life that you want to lead

  • Release fears of being seen and activate your inner confident goddess

  • Charge your worth - monetise your unique creativity

  • Take part in the Visionboard Masterclass to set goals, make plans and take the first steps towards your new, empowered life


  • The month of action! Answer your purpose and begin to consciously live into your creative purpose

  • Move past the shame of charging for your work - Create and make money!

  • Develop and own the embodiment of YOUR uniqueness, creativity and style (personal and creative)

  • Become your own greatest cheerleader through radical self-love practises

  • Make yourself visible - turn your creativity into a brand that makes a difference

  • Take part in the Strategy Masterclass where you learn how to set a 3 month plan into action for your life or creative business

  • Learn to sell your work with soul and authenticity so that you can start your creative life!

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How can I help you?

The ignite program is designed to elevate you, to awaken your Wild Goddess within, so that you can lead your life with purpose, creativity and clarity.


My life has been spent actively fulfilling this purpose, from creating art, to mentoring and coaching adults throughout South Glos, and now my experience, passion and drive is here to ignite you.

Your time is now... if you know that you desire MORE, you want to make an impact, to lead through creativity, then ignite will help you to align to this purpose.

With over 15 years experience, I am here to hold this space for your journey, to elevate you into awakening your own self-discovery and trigger you to take the action you need to create the life you want.

This is your moment... are you ready?

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