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You are the ADVENTURER!

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Adventurer's are vibrant, extroverted individuals brimming with energy and enthusiasm. They wholeheartedly embrace life's possibilities and see the world as a thrilling adventure awaiting them. These fun-loving individuals have a talent for turning setbacks into victories, always seeking the silver lining in every situation.

The enthusiastic fun-lover

Type: Spontaneous, Versatile, Distractible, and Scattered

Ideal Career: Chief, TV Presenter, Flight Crew

Typical Trauma Response: Flight

Healthy traits:
The Adventurer is full of energy. Her upbeat, positive attitude is magnetic and she has endless energy to keep going on when others have had enough. This can mean that she struggles to stay still and 'feel'. When healthy, the adventurer is endless fun. She enjoys learning, researching and preparing for her big grand adventures and lifes purpose. Her energy is contagious and she inspires those around her.

Unhealthy traits:
The Adventurer can struggle with stopping and often fears missing out, so keeps going on. She struggles to deal with negative emotions and hides from them by not stopping long enough to 'feel'. In her unhealthy state, she can be an 'over-achiever', who strives to be the best so to please those around her and prove her worth. This can lead to burnout, shut down and feeling lost within herself.

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Pleasure Activation:
The Adventurer is a wild and free spirit. When she feels free, she is truly alive, and you will see a magnetic spark light up within her. Her adventurous nature means that she is driven to explore and she is often multi-passionate. Experiences that give her this, particularly spontaneous ones, will open her up and turn her on. When she is exposed to people, environments and experiences that are fun and that allow her to dive deep into the universe's mysteries, she will be at home. Her positive nature must be matched by her mate, and she must have variety and fun within the bedroom.

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