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You are the MEDIATOR!

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Mediators are laid-back, down-to-earth individuals with a selfless nature. They yearn for harmony and peace in their surroundings, earning them the reputation of peacemakers and mediators. Mediators strive to create a world devoid of conflicts, fostering an environment of unity and understanding.

The easygoing peacekeeper

Type: Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable, and Complacent Ideal Career: Mediator, Ambassador
Typical Trauma Response: Flight

Healthy traits:

The Mediator is a natural peacemaker and is able to create a calming atmosphere. She has the ability to keep everything and everyone peaceful, although this can be driven by her fear of turmoil. Her healthy self is aware of this and, although she is always generous with her time, love and care, she is also able to set clear boundaries so that she can step into being the role-model that she is.

Unhealthy traits:

She does not 'do' conflict, and this can mean that she can sweep a lot under the carpet, not voicing her own needs and wants for fear of conflict. When unhealthy, the mediator finds it hard to let go of any idea, situation or person. She becomes unwaveringly loyal, even to her own detriment. Through this, she can lose trust in herself and, therefore, find making any decision very difficult.

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Pleasure Activation:

out of the bedroom. The 'role model' way of being lights her up, and she can be turned on by knowing she is setting an example for others. When it comes to her Pleasure CodeTM, she needs sensual and intimate experiences that focus on connection, in a calm and tranquil environment. Her sense of harmony needs to be activated and ignited for her to feel safe enough to love fully, and to show and share her true self. Soft caresses from her partner will

support this.

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