Empowered Woman

The Empowered Goddess sessions are here to awaken you to who you truly are... to reveal the divine goddess that lies within you, deep within your heart, your soul.


Your session is matched to who you are, the colours, the textures, the environment that you feel at home with. Your time with me is specifically tailored to you, to bring forward who you truly are... the powerful, heart and soul led Goddess that brings light to this world through your beautiful uniqueness. These sessions empower you to show the world who you truly are, which is the true power that you hold.

I see you, and my mission is for you to truly see yourself as the powerful being that you are.


Your Session


If you are an entrepreneur, an artist, a coach, or a badass creative goddess looking to align with your soul purpose, the Empowered Goddess sessions will be perfect for you. We celebrate you exactly as you are, your splendid uniqueness that other human possesses. 

During the session, I expertly guide you to make the most of your body whatever your beautiful shape. I provide a selection of materials, dresses, lingerie that will be perfectly matched to you. Your guide will also help you to adorn yourself and prepare for the session.

Each session is 60 - 90 minutes with as many outfit changes as you need. You are welcome to use the studio dresses & lingerie, and I can style you in the flowing fabric. the session fee covers the session time, and use of all outfits, backdrops and props. After your session you are invited back into the studio to view your printed images and choose your chosen package - ALL packages include the printed AND digital images, and as these sessions are here to empower you, you they include the rights to use your images to promote you within your business.

Packages start at just £195 and you can pre-buy the package that would suit you best, which we can discuss this during your session.

"I felt thoroughly indulged and lovely - thanks for making it care free and easy!! Fun too - despite the yogis poses!"



Everyday should be....

International Women's Day

Which is why I am offering Mini Empowered Goddess photoshoots all year around. Simply click the book now button below to book your session online.

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