Goddess Embodied

The Goddess Embodied sessions are here to awaken you to who you truly are... to reveal the divine goddess that lies within you, deep within your heart, your soul. Whether you are a beautiful mother, a conscious leader, a healer, a woman in the public eye, who inspires or supports others, a creator, or a heart-led CEO, this session is for you.


Your session is matched to who you are, the colours, the textures, the environment that you feel at home with. Your time with me is specifically tailored to you, to bring forward who you truly are... the powerful, heart and soul led Goddess that brings light to this world through your beautiful uniqueness. These sessions empower you to reveal who you truly are - the truth of who you are is the true power that you hold.

I see you beautiful one, and my mission is for you to truly see yourself as the powerful being that you are.


Your Session


Whether you are an entrepreneur, an artist, a professional, a mother-to-be, a coach, a healer, or a badass creative goddess (that I know you all are) looking to align with yourself, your sexuality or your soul purpose, the Goddess Empowered sessions will be perfect for you. We celebrate you exactly as you are, your splendid uniqueness that no other human possesses. 

During the session, you will be expertly guided you to make the most of your body whatever your beautiful shape. You will have access to a range of resources including a selection of beautiful materials, dresses and accessories that you can choose to perfectly match you. Your pre sessions consultation will also help you to adorn yourself and prepare for your time in front of the camera.

When booking, you simply choose your session type, an Empowered Goddess Studio session or Wild Goddess Forest session, and book the date and time that suits you best. Your photoshoot includes outfit changes if needed and a mixture of beautiful compositions that will suit what you want to embody through your session. The studio dresses, accessories and flowing fabrics are available to style you into the goddess that you are, and we will plan for this prior to your session. The session package covers everything, the session time, access to the dresses, fabrics, styling and accessories, and of course, your beautiful full resolution Goddess images - and as these sessions are here to empower you. And when you choose and buy your favourite images at your viewing, all of the packages include the mounted prints and digital files, as well as the rights to use your images commercially as well as personally.



"Oh you're so talented. You really know how to capture a person from within. Thank you so much."

"Ooh they are lovely Emma! I'm not used to liking myself in pictures. You really do have a talent."

Are you a....



Creative, Visionary Leader?

Are you ready to show the world who you truly are?



Sensual Goddess?

Is it time to awaken your sensual energy?

Kobi-Jean Cole-4.jpg


Mother to be?

Are you ready to honour the miracle that is your beautiful body?


Creative, Visionary leader

How do you see yourself...

Are you a creative? A leader? A visionary? A creator of your own life?

Are you actively embodying this? Does your audience see you like this?

Do your images, your headshots, your website or your social media reflect this powerful energy that you hold?

Your role in this world is essential. Your powerful heart-led service through love and creativity inspires, uplifts and leads so many others. It is time to take yourself to the next level. To elevate yourself, to show your vision and the value of what you offer. You are a change-maker, and everything that you out into this world should reflect the way you elevate those around.

If you would like to talk about the perfect session for you, email me. Or if you know what you want, click the book now button below.


Sensual Goddess


It is time to awaken your sensuality, your sacred sexual energy. whether you feel it or not right now, I am here to tell you that you are a beautiful, sensual goddess, that deserves to not only be honoured, but to be worshipped!

Many women believe that boudoir photos are to turn men on, but they are wrong. That is just the by-product of this beautiful session! This type of image is here to turn YOU on! For you to realise your own sacred power, your divine feminine energy, because when you see it, you will look at yourself in a new and beautiful way. You will show up for yourself, prioritise yourself, embody your inner Goddess and, most importantly, love yourself and your beautiful body, no matter your shape or size!

Many clients often say to me that they need to 'lose weight' or 'tone up' before they have a session, but let me tell you now, curves are GOOD! Over the last 10 years, I have photographed hundreds of women, and every single one has LOVED their images even though most of them weren't 'happy' with their body at the time! The one thing that I have learned is that no 'weight', 'shape' or 'size' that you'll be, will ever be good enough in your mind - you are waiting for a day that will never come. So why not allow me to show you how beautiful you are, exactly how you are right now! It might just be the most empowering experience you have ever had.

There is no better time than now for you to see the raw and powerful beauty that lies within you!

Click the button below and book yourself in for an Empowered Goddess studio session and we will create art that will remind you of your own power every time you see it!

(You can even book in with you partner for an extra special session to share together)


"I felt thoroughly indulged and lovely - thanks for making it care free and easy!! Fun too - despite the yogis poses!"



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Awaken and align to your true self, connecting with your inner being through the transformation in the studio, or through connecting with nature, grounding and aligning yourself with the Earth, the trees, the flow of energy that connects us all together.

Next available forest date: Sunday 4th September