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Do you want to learn new skills and develop your creativity in a safe and welcoming environment?

Do you want to be part of an exclusive creative community, where you can continue to learn and share your work?

If you want all of this and so much more, join the Creative Club.

Whichever membership you choose, you will be supported in your creative growth, developing your skills and most importantly, having fun!

During the classes, I am there to guide you, answer your questions, help you to learn new creative processes as well as be your cheerleader for your own creative endeavours!

With all of the memberships, you will also be supported in the private Facebook group, Creative Misfit Club, where you will be surrounded by your creative community, able to share your work and be inspired by the other amazing creatives!

So what are you waiting for?

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14 Day FREE Trial

Whichever plan suits you best, You get a 14 day FREE trial. So you get to test run the membership and get to know me, before you decide to commit to your membership.

Every membership can be cancelled anytime, so rest assured that you can just relax and get creative!

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