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Art, Soulful Connections and your relationship with your Inner Self

Updated: May 21, 2021

So, we all know how passionate I am about helping people use art to connect to their souls! I’ve spoken before about how art can help bring joy into your life and how to use art to help control and change your emotions.

Art has the ability to create truly soulful connections. It’s subjective, so whatever art means to you, it might not mean to someone else - something I reiterate a lot, because I think it's so important to understand, is to be able to appreciate all forms of art.

This makes any art a talking point, a conversation starter or a debate. Even dedicated art critics have spent decades arguing over what certain pieces mean.

The Joyous isn't isn’t just about enjoying beautiful art that speaks to us - it’s about recognising art as the powerful healing tool it is, and utilising it!

Connecting with Ourselves

Ever notice that sometimes, our minds are just a bit too noisy to unscramble? That you know you’re feeling a lot, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, where you’re feeling it, and why?

We know how to connect with others: you converse, listen, take time to understand what they're trying to say, and you respond - but when was the last time you tried connecting with yourself the same way? If I’m feeling overwhelmed, a canvas or piece of paper is my very first go-to. I put pen to paper, or paintbrush to canvas, and I listen to whatever it is my soul is trying to tell me. When you do that, that’s you communicating with yourself,

slowing those racing thoughts down a bit and listening to your subconscious. Never forget - you can’t get art wrong. Art can never be a failure or a waste of time, it simply is. Whether it is 'picture-perfect' or wild and abstract, the way that others 'see' it is entirely based on their own opinion. The art itself just is and never changes! Every stroke of the brush is an important piece of the story, intentional or not, and therefore - you CANNOT get it wrong!

It takes a lot of courage to listen to your soul, but it also works wonders on your mental positivity and clarity. Creating art is sort of like holding a mirror in front of your soul, and sometimes, you can see amazing things. That brings me onto…

Connecting with Others

Talking of seeing amazing things when you create art - a couple of weeks ago, I was teaching a kids art class, and I heard this: “Inspiration turns you into something more beautiful.”

There’s never been a more succinct, accurate summary of how art can help you transform than this, and hearing it from a young person I was helping ignite that inspirational spark in blew me away (and made me really quite emotional!)

I was proud of that class for their vision, and I was proud of myself for being the gateway to help them get there.

Inspiration does turn you into something more beautiful, especially when you let it flow freely. I shared the quote to my Facebook page with absolute joy, because this is exactly what I feel I should be doing - inspiring creativity, growing confidence, igniting passions and showing a different side of art, and that day, I connected with the kids taking this class, and watched them connect with themselves and make incredible realisations through art.

Art also lets you connect with others on a more visual level. Museums and art galleries are a great place to contemplate pieces of art, like the Arnolfini in Bristol, home of contemporary art and performance - somewhere I always enjoy visiting for the thought-provoking pieces, and the thought-provoking conversations they always inspire both within myself, and with those around me.

Connecting with (and influencing) our Inner Selves

Art is a gateway to harmony with our inner selves. For anyone that doesn’t know, our Inner Self is… well, exactly what it sounds like actually! It’s everything people can’t see, like our thoughts, beliefs, morality, drives, gut feelings, passions and our purpose, in contrast to our Outer Self, which are material things, and how we physically present ourselves to the outside world.

I can quite confidently say we’ve all struggled with our purpose at one point or another. It often feels like your purpose needs to be something big, something Earth-shattering, something that exhausts you, but I'll let you in on a little secret... that's not the case. Recognising and acting on your purpose isn't an action you can take. It's not something you can do once, and then it's done. For some, their purpose in life is simply kindness. Acting with, and inspiring, kindness.

My purpose felt very recognised that day, in that class. It was a revelation for me, solidifying exactly what my purpose is and how I can help other people: inspiring your creative confidence, opening up new worlds and possibilities through art, connecting yourself to your emotions and helping you both understand and release them, and empowerment.

So, what’s your purpose? Do you know? If you do, how can you go about fulfilling it? If you don’t know your purpose… well, pick up those pens or paintbrushes and listen really closely to what it is you want to create.

And if you’re not sure where to start (because knowing where to start with a piece of art can be really tricky sometimes!) and want a little guidance, a friendly chat and an understanding ear, book yourself onto a 1-2-1 or a class, and let’s make a beautiful piece of art together!

If you’ve created a piece of art recently that you feel really speaks to your soul, join our intimate creative group Creative Misfits, and pop your work up for us to see and enjoy with you! (Or, if you’re a little shy, send it to me on my Joyous Misfit Facebook page, because I’d love to see it!)

Talk soon!

Emma x

P.S. Looking to nurture some inspiration and creative energy in your little ones? I run kids classes Let’s Create and parent-child classes Co-Create, which are upbeat, high energy and always great fun for everyone. Just book yourself on to join us in the studio.

My adult's classes are starting up from the 17th of May too, so there are spaces for those - you can check out all the different types of classes, and book yourself onto one if you feel ready to embrace your inner creative! If you’ve got questions about any of my classes, feel free to get in contact!

Or, pop by the shop to enjoy my original artwork and have a chat and a cuppa!

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