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Emma Eirene
CEO of Joyous Misfit

Creative Leader, Entrepreneur and Empowerment Coach

Emma can see the pure, wild, endless potential in others, and helps them to see it within themselves with an elevated sense of joy and love.

I see you,...

"I see you, you beautiful soul... I see your uniqueness, your passion, and the potential that you hold within you.

But I know how hard it is to have the courage to be seen, to stop being small, to step out of hiding and into embracing who you truly are... the creative YOU, the visionary YOU, the misfit that YOU truly are... and to embrace the divine feminine goddess that is within YOU! 

I see behind your shadows, the feelings of unworthiness and fear that are blocking your light. I am here to help you to see through this, to elevate you to see who YOU truly are - guiding you on your journey of self discovery so that you may see and embody your true, wild, goddess self."



Embody your Wild Goddess


Are you ready...

Ready to awaken to your true self? To live the abundant, creative life that you dream of? Led by your heart and soul?


The Empowered Woman is the woman who is awakened to her inner Wild Goddess. She is ready to make a change, to consciously live the life that she wants, that she chooses. The joyous soul-led life that she dreams of... She can turn her dreams into her reality.

She sees her strength, her shadows, and embraces it all, knowing that all of her is perfect exactly as she is. She is perfectly imperfect, the radiant leader of her own life.

Are you ready to become the Wildly Empowered Woman?

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Public Speaking

"Emma brings creative power and unapologetic femininity to the stage in a way that lights up the room. Her capacity to transmit challenge into opportunity, and to be a beacon of hope and inspiration, makes her the ideal empowerment speaker"

Ali Mapletoft - Creatrix Rising Event - November 2021

Emma is available to speak worldwide. She specialises in inspiring women to find their true power through aligning with their true, wild goddess self. She uplifts and inspires through her story and leaves the audience ignited to take action in their own life.

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