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You are the GUARDIAN!

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Guardians thrive on being needed and derive fulfillment from helping and caring for others. They prioritize the well-being of those around them and exhibit a remarkable level of dedication to their relationships. Guardians embody the essence of selflessness and find joy in being of service.

The nurturing, caring helper

Type: Demonstrative, Generous, People-Pleasing, and Possessive Ideal Career: Teacher, Nurse, Carer
Typical Trauma Response: Fawn

Healthy traits:

The Guardian is a kind and loving carer. She is quietly central to the community, always caring for and looking after others, and flourishing through that. She gives endlessly, but through this, she can lose touch with herself. When healthy, the Guardian is

very creative. When she is

nurtured and taken care of herself, her energy flows and she is able to dream and vision, and simply BE her unique self.

Unhealthy traits:

The Guardians biggest strength is also her biggest weakness. While caring so strongly for others, she can lose touch with herself and her own needs. This can mean that she bleeds energy and often forgets to refuel herself. When unhealthy, she needs to be in control. She over gives so that she is 'seen' and can become critical of others when things are not done the 'right way'.

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Pleasure Activation:

The Guardian thrives when she knows that she can take care of those around her. In order to be able to do this, she needs to be taken care of herself so that she is able to pour from a full cup. Knowing who she is fully, will help her to embrace the self-care and love that 'she' needs, such as a safe and inviting environment, loving and gentle caresses and social activities that light her up. Building the emotional connection with herself, such as sensual self-play, would enhance her understanding of what she truly enjoys so that she can learn to express this.

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