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Femme Fatale Photography

These portrait sessions are here for you to fully experience and capture your sensual, powerful, feminine essence - and to celebrate the love that you have in your life... whether that is with your partner, your family or your beautiful children. YOU are the heart centre of that love, and it's time to capture your moment and honour this precious time, and the love that it holds.


Your session is matched to who you and your loved ones are, the colours, the textures and the environment that you feel at home with.


For COUPLES, I recommend a session in your home or out in nature to get the true romantic feel; secret kisses, messy hair, draping clothing and bare tangled feet.


For FAMILIES, let's PLAY! With adventures out in the woods, where the wild flowers grow, with tree branches to climb and leaves to throw.

For MOTHERS-to-be & NEWBORNS, feel like a queen inside the warm and cosy studio, where every inch of you will feel beautiful, draped in luxury fabrics and beautiful sets, where we will celebrate your beautiful bump and baby.


These sessions are designed to empower you to feel the full joy of the love that you have in your life. I see you beautiful one, and I want to capture the love that you have and turn it into pure magic and art that you can cherish forever. 


Your Session


Whether you have a deep love for who you are, you are in love with a partner that honours every part of you, or a mother to little ones, who provide you with a sense of unconditional love, I am here to capture your moments. To awaken you to each other, so that you can see and feel every moment through every image.

This is a photography service that captures more than an image, it remembers the feeling, the loving and the little moments, long after everything else has been forgotten...

Are you ready to awaken?



When booking, you simply choose your studio or forest session and find a date that suits yous and your loved one. It will include outfit changes as you need and your session can be held either in the forest or the studio. The studio dresses, accessories and flowing fabrics are available to style you into the goddess that you are, and we will plan for this prior to your session. The session package covers your session, access to the dresses, fabrics, styling and accessories, and of course, viewing your beautiful gallery of images in the studio ready to choose and buy your favourites - and as these sessions are here to empower you, whichever package you choose to buy includes both the digital and printed 10x8" images.



"I don't think I can convey the love I have for my photos or for the lovely lady who took them. Thank you soo very much. They're stunning. Far too many to choose from. I need to move just to get more wall space xx thank you xx"

Marylee Cass

"I can not recommend [Joyous Misfit Photography] enough. Friendly, professional, great with children, personal & beautiful images! Will definitely use again. Thank you Emma!"

Katherine Fay

Whatever season you are in, let's tell your story...



Together as one?

Celebrate your love with this intimate experience.



Sensual Goddess?

It is time to awaken your sacred sensual energy

Kobi-Jean Cole-4.jpg


Mother to be? Newborn?

Sessions to honour the miracle that is your beautiful body & child



Soon to be married?

Honour your beautiful day with memories to last a lifetime



Ready to play?

Honour your beautiful day with memories to last a lifetime



Are you ready for a day date?

Let's celebrate the love that you have for each other with this intimate session. You will be guided to get close and personal, enjoying kisses & cuddles, playing together and having fun. With tangled feet and loose hanging clothes, you will have a set of beautiful memories your precious moment.

Love you Always x


Femme Fatale


It is time to awaken your sensuality, your sacred sexual energy. whether you feel it or not right now, I am here to tell you that you are a beautiful, sensual goddess, that deserves to not only be honoured, but to be worshipped!

Many women believe that boudoir photos are to turn men on, but they are wrong. That is just the by-product of this beautiful session! This type of image is here to turn YOU on! For you to realise your own sacred power, your divine feminine energy, because when you see it, you will look at yourself in a new and beautiful way. You will show up for yourself, prioritise yourself, embody your inner Goddess and, most importantly, love yourself and your beautiful body, no matter your shape or size!

Many clients often say to me that they need to 'lose weight' or 'tone up' before they have a session, but let me tell you now, curves are GOOD! Over the last 10 years, I have photographed hundreds of women, and every single one has LOVED their images even though most of them weren't 'happy' with their body at the time! The one thing that I have learned is that no 'weight', 'shape' or 'size' that you'll be, will ever be good enough in your mind - you are waiting for a day that will never come. So why not allow me to show you how beautiful you are, exactly how you are right now! It might just be the most empowering experience you have ever had.

There is no better time than now for you to see the raw and powerful beauty that lies within you!

Click the button below and book yourself in for an Empowered Goddess studio session and we will create art that will remind you of your own power every time you see it!

(You can even book in with you partner for an extra special session to share together)

"I felt thoroughly indulged and lovely - thanks for making it care free and easy!! Fun too - despite the yoga poses!"


'Mother-to be'

You are a mother Goddess, a creator of life, your body is sacred. This season in your life, where you are the goddess that is bringing a beautiful new soul into the world, needs to be honoured. You are an empowered goddess and this photoshoot session is all about you and honouring the beautiful changes that your body is transitioning through. Whether in the studio or the forest, my purpose is to show you your own beauty, so that you may look back on this moment and know your own strength, power and grace.



A once in a lifetime chance to capture the most  precious moments you will ever experience...

This is your moment, your huge life changing moment, so lets tell your story your way with a perfectly tailored photoshoot for you and your little one.


A woman with love in her life is truly blessed, and these portrait sessions are here to honour your most sacred and beautiful moments with your loved ones. They turn your precious memories into pieces of art for you to adorn your home with, share with your family and friends and for you to look back on in years to come, reliving the joyous and loving feeling that you felt in that moment.


Honouring and elevating a Goddess in love is a powerful privilege, and the moment that she commits herself to another, is a moment that should captured in the most beautiful and authentic way possible. For a Goddess who loves fully is a magnificent women who is fully in her power. She is able to elevate her life with the love that she chooses, a love that needs to be captured in a way that her and her beloved will treasure forever.

So let's tell your story...


"Emma was our photographer for our wedding day. She really understood what we wanted and was so easy to work with. Thank you for helping make our day special and I know our photos will capture the memories of the day perfectly. We will be definitely be returning for future family photo shoots for years to come."

Anne-Marie Flamsteed



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