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Joyous Misfit

It's more than a podcast,

It's more than a photoshoot,

It's more than a membership...

it's an Awakening

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Emma Eirene

Founder of Joyous Misfit

Visual Artist, Coach & Public Speaker

"The Joyous Misfit is the creatrix, the wild one, the one who longs for adventure, who explores and seeks to find their place in the world... she is divine, she is empowered, she is a Goddess...


She lives a perfectly imperfect life. A beautiful existence lead by her heart, her joy...


I am the joyous misfit.

Are you?"

Image by Elia Pellegrini
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Hi, I'm Emma

I am a coach, a visual artist, photographer and public speaker...

Put simply, I am a Multi-Passionate Creatrix, a Joyous Misfit, living a heart-led life through joy, passion and creativity. And I am here to help YOU create a life that you love! To empower you to take take action in creating your dream life, your masterpiece.

Everything that I offer you, whether it is my words & guidance, or a piece of wall art, is here to inspire you, to show you the beauty within yourself and to elevate you to the next level. My mission is to provide you with a path to your personal clarity - to you to fall in love with yourself and your life. I want to ignite you to live fully in your joy and purpose, because when you do, not only do you lift yourself, you will lift everyone around you!


My life's journey has been lead by my burning passion for the power of creativity and art. I whole-heartedly believe that it can heal, transform and awaken an understanding of ourselves, and the world around us, that we were not aware of before. It can evoke empathy, form new ideas and create change in the life we choose to live like nothing else can. It creates beauty and brings joy to our lives even in our darkest days...

Put simply, I believe that the beauty, wonder and understanding that it brings to this world is ESSENTIAL to our human existence.


The question is, will you choose yourself? And in doing so, gift the magic of your power to the world?


My Story

LOVE is the ultimate act of rebellion

Let me explain... this one sentence is full of the power of everything that I have lived, and therefore everything that I do!

Although I have been in business now for over a decade, my journey truly started in 2020. That was the year that I had a mental breakdown. Yes, that's right, a fully fledged, non-stop crying, couldn't talk, couldn't even breathe, breakdown. I was lost. FULLY lost. I had lost my sense of self, my purpose. I was over-worked, overwhelmed and exhausted by what my life had become! I didn't know what I wanted, who I was and I certainly had absolutely no idea of the journey I was about to take.

This was my lowest point. I had reached my late 30's and I had reached a point where I had no idea who I was. During the previous 15 years, I had followed the formula of all the 'shoulds' that society deems correct and good. I had studied to post-graduate level, I had secured a 'stable' and 'reliable' job, with good benefits and a pension, I had met a man and fell in love, together we bought a house, nurtured our pets, got married, had babies, and even reached our 10 year wedding anniversary.... and CRASH! I had done everything right! I had followed the rule book, followed the formula for a 'happy life' - but I had become more lost, alone and unclear than I had ever been in my life! Put simply, I had lost myself.

I had been so focused on building the 'perfect' life, that I had neglected myself, my needs and wants, until I got to a point that my body stopped functioning.

I see this now as the beginning of my story. Over the course of the next 2 years, I focused my attention on 'unlearning' everything that I had been programmed to believe was correct, and re-learning who I was. I begun to untangle myself from the 'shoulds' that I had created, the people pleasing, so that I could start to become the true me. I left my career of 15 years that was breaking me mentally, I left my marriage which had become unhealthy and toxic, I left my home of 13 years that I had literally built a part of, I left other relationships, friendships, that brought me pain, I left the old me and started living a life that brought me joy. I became clear on my mission, my purpose, and what I wanted to do with this one precious life. I am now living life on MY terms, in MY home, actually having fun with my beautiful children, and with a partner who fills me with love and joy everyday. And the cherry on top is that I am doing this - my beautiful business, that makes my heart sing. Although my journey, like any growth, was painful, I wouldn't change any of it. It means that I am here now, guiding women (like you) to see the beauty within themselves. By loving - loving yourself, loving your relationships, loving what you do, loving your home, your environment, loving your life - you are choosing yourself... and this truly is, the ultimate act of rebellion!

Who are you?


"There is a duality in us all, all the time. We get to hold both. The loving, caring, Earth mother AND the raw, sexual, wild woman.

Having the courage to embrace ALL of who you are is the tipping point. It is the most courageous thing you can do. That is where you get to create a life that you love."

She's loving, caring, nurturing...

...She's a wild, sexy, Goddess

Who are you
The Big O Podcast

The Big O Podcast is the living, beating heart of everything I offer...

It explores ways to elevate yourself into a place of personal power, through Creativity, Wild self-love and Awakening to your own pleasure through the feminine energy of flow, so that you can embody the Wild Goddess that you truly are.

It's time for you to get turned on by your life and experience the Big O.

The Big O.jpg

JOIN the Wild Goddess Rising FB Group

Embody your divine feminine energy through the power of creativity, sexuality and mindset.

Welcome Wild Goddess, you fierce soul led woman, welcome to the Wild Goddess Rising.

This community is here to upport and empower you to embody your divine feminine energy through the power of creativity, sexuality and mindset.

The Wild Goddess is the unapologetically creative soul, the joyous misfit that seeks to whole-hearedly know and embody their unique self, the joy that they can bring and their place in the world... she is fierce and wild, and seeks the freedom and independence to live in her full creativity 🌙

This group will help you to elevate yourself by embracing and engaging your inner wild with love ~ aligning you with the goddess within you by connecting with your truth, your essence - your soul purpose!

Engaging in joyful, creative practises, and developing the mindset that will allow your life to flow freely and with ease ~ allowing you to embody your true self.

So come and lift your soul to a higher place and raise your vibration so that you can truly align with your purpose. Unlock your power, change your perception and release your untamed wildness. Ignite your creative goddess and transform your life!

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