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If you would like to take your first steps to becoming your Wildly Unapologetic MAGNETIC self and lead from your pleasure to create a life and business that turns you on... There are a number of ways that you can work with me.

Explore the options below, or, if you are still unsure, jump onto a Discovery call with me and I would be happy explore the options with you.

Where are you on your Journey?

Use the decision tree below to explore where you are on your journey and what path will suit you best.

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Still not sure?

The Pleasure Code TM Academy

The Pleasure Code TM Academy is a place where you discover who you truly are and what you want in a way you have never experienced before, using my unique Pleasure Code TM framework. Through a combination of lessons, live coaching and Sensual Somatic mentoring, you learn the tools you need to finally choose yourself, unleash your unapologetic Magnetism and create a life and business that turns you on!


Start your journey

Freebies for you to begin to explore your pleasure through sensual somatics...


Join the 14 Day Pleasure Challenge

And reconnect with yourself, your body, and your pleasure...


Explore your perfect Photoshoot

Your Portrait session is designed to awaken you to the love that is in your life, and the power that it gives you. Whether it is radical self love or the love you share with your partner or family. Whether you are in the season of your Wild Woman, your Wise leader or your Divine Mother, your photoshoot will unveil the beauty behind each moment, each season in your beautiful life, so that you can feel and re-live every moment, time and time again, for years to come.


Not sure what's right for you? 

Let me know where you are and what you want below and I would love to chat with you

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