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Are you ready to feel GOOD in your Body,
FREE in your Business...

And Create a Life and Business that turns you on?


A 6-month transformational journey that unleashes your Unapologetic Confidence & your Wildly MAGNETIC Presence, so that you can create a life designed by your Full, Deeply Sensual, Feminine self!

"Your unique


is an untapped portal to truth, clarity & transformation"

Emma Eirene

When you join the Pleasure Code TM Academy, you are held within a space that teaches you all the tools to unlock your unique Pleasure Code blueprint so that you can feel DAMN GOOD in your body! Unlocking your UNAPOLOGETIC self and you TRUE confidence.

This unleashes your deeply feminine, wild magnetic self - your biggest USP! So that you exude confidence in who you are, what you do and what you want! Allowing you to take the actions you need towards a life and business that turns you on!

Are you ready to learn the power of Sensual Somatics, let go of your insecurities, people pleasing and need to 'fit in', and create a life that TURNS YOU ON?

The Pleasure Code Academy is more than a programme, it is a Sensual Somatic school that transforms you into your full, unapologetic, wildly magnetic self in a fraction of the time that mindset work alone does!

When the body can feel it - the brain believes it!

This brings you out of your busy, critical, over-thinking mind... and into feeling GOOD in your body, feeling CONFIDENT in yourself, and becoming simply MAGNETIC!


Using a pleasure-centred approach that massively accelerates your transformation - enabling you to reclaim who you TRULY are, feel confident AF, and transform yourself and your business!


The Academy is specifically designed for women in business who are ready to be SEEN and HEARD, personally and professionally, and feel alive again in their body!


These women are leaders who want to do it in a different way (and by 'it', I mean the general hustle of life & work). They are ready to elevate their life and business, to create freedom and flexibility... releasing the burnout cycles, the 'fitting in', people pleasing tendencies, and the constant stream of 'doing'.  They are ready to be seen and heard, creating a MAGNETIC presence for themselves that stops the chase and hustle!

It is for women who are ready to OWN IT!

To Unleash their true UNAPOLOGETIC Confidence and become Magnetic!


Put simply, it is for YOU!

It's time to feel good when you look in the mirror... to connect with your deep, feminine sensuality and intimacy... To command attention through your Magnetic presence and through this... ELEVATE yourself, your life, and your business!


It's time to know and love yourself fully, letting go of the critical thinking, and stepping into your Wildly Magnetic Confidence so that you can shape yourself and your life in a way that gives you everything you need to show up fully AND turn you on!

The Pleasure CodeTM Method is an accelerated path to being the most confident, self-expressed, feel-good version of YOU - the REAL you - rather than the mask that you have been wearing for so long!

Pleasure Code Academy Testimonials

"I can't even begin to thank you enough for helping me on this journey, for giving me the space be the authentic version of me, not the labelled version that I used to be (mum, wife, etc etc). You are an amazing person, your enthusiasm is infectious and I have never had such amazing results in such a short space of time with any other coach. The changes are not temporary either!! I don't recognise the person I was before."

Lyn Denham, Coastal Consultant

Are you ready to be turned on by your life?

Can you feel your desire to be FREE, UNAPOLOGETIC, and Wildly MAGNETIC?

To be the REAL you and grow yourself and your business in a way that turns you on!

Where you are CONFIDENT in

your BODY,

It is your time to finally free yourself from being and feeling like the good girl! The one who has to take care of everyone and everything, at the detriment of yourself.

The Pleasure CodeTM Academy teaches you the tools to CHOOSE and prioritise yourself, to be who you WANT to be, and do what you WANT to do!

It teaches you to reprogram your self-critical, conforming, people pleasing habits so that you learn how to be your most CONFIDENT, UNAPOLOGETIC self!

You know that something has to change - you feel like you're playing small... unseen and unheard. You want to be one of those people, who walk into a room with such confidence that you can feel their energy and presence.
That woman who OWNS the room!

Even through the inevitable hormonal changes that you experience when you are in or approaching your 40s, or the life 'wake-up call' that makes you realise that you are stuck in a repeating cycle, or even the relationship that has left you feeling unfulfilled... you will learn how reconnect to your body and the power that has in shifting your beliefs about yourself, the way you feel, and therefore the way that you SHOW UP in life and business!

The Pleasure CodeTM Academy teaches you how to build a life that you LOVEand reconnect to the parts of yourself that have been hiding for so long!
Red image_edited.jpg

Have you been....

Feeling stuck, knowing that something needs to change but not knowing where to start?


Treading the line between fear and EXCITEMENT of what change will mean?

Making yourself small even though you know you're destined for something BIGGER?

Wondering if you're too much, fearing what others think of you, but secretly DESIRING more?

Sacrificing your own needs, feeling like a shell of yourself, exhausted and drained?

Holding back your desires for the sake of everyone else and what they want?

Following the 'rules', even though, at heart, you know you want to break them all?

Denying who you truly are even though CHANGE is calling?

Redefine Yourself.jpg

What is the Pleasure CodeTM Academy?

The Pleasure CodeTM Academy is a hybrid coaching & mentoring journey that takes you from feeling stuck in autopilot, 'doing' all the things, people pleasing, and feeling unseen and unheard... to truly knowing and embodying the real YOU... the unapologetically confident, sexy, pleasure-led, Alpha YOU that is MAGNETIC!


It is an Untaming of who you currently are... Giving you a roadmap to find your elevated, confident self... a blueprint that teaches you the tools you need to navigate your change into the woman you WANT to be, rather than fitting into what everyone else wants you to be!!

If you can feel the pull, the knowing that there's something more... where you feel ALIVE again! The Pleasure CodeTM Academy teaches you to lead by your unique Pleasure CodeTM...

A path to create YOUR life, YOUR way!


It is time for you to strip away the 'good girl' that you have spent your life fitting into!

It's time to REBEL and discover the REAL you!


 Big life changes can be an incredibly challenging period... where you can feel lost, stuck, stagnant, FRUSTRATED... Where you don't know how to become the woman you want to be!

You can feel as though you don't know where to start or what to do to get there, often doubting yourself - yet again, settling for less!


You are often not understood by the people around you, so you can feel alone, or worse, get some terrible advice from 'well-meaning' loved ones.

The Pleasure CodeTM Academy is about guiding you through this, so that you can rediscover and redefine yourself on YOUR terms. Through this transformation, you learn the tools that will support you to build a thriving and successful life and business. When you are able to show up and SHINE - lighting up a room! A space where you feel nourished and supported when you are in alignment with your needs and your purpose, your desires and your PLEASURE... and you know WHAT you want and HOW to get it... Then you are able to move forward unapologetically, guided by your PLEASURE, your JOY, your SPARK... confidently embodying and being YOUR TRUE SELF instead of the one that everyone else wants you to be.


This is when a life that turns you on becomes INEVITABLE!

The Pleasure CodeTM Academy Journey

The Pleasure Code Academy takes you on a journey to break free from your 'good girl', the one that you created to conform so that you would 'fit in'... the cage that kept you away from who you truly are! Away from your needs and desires because you were too busy putting everyone and everything else first. The cage that allowed you to become so disconnected from yourself, to become small and far removed from who you truly are.

 The Pleasure Code Academy is the result of my own personal journey of unlearning the 'Good Girl', plus over a decade and £50,000+ worth of training and development crafted into one Academy of learning, mentoring, and coaching!

Through this journey, you learn the tools to:

  • Unleash the TRUE YOU!

  • Untame yourself, taking off your 'MASK' - everything that you have been pretending to be to 'fit in'.

  • Identify and have the confidence to shed everything that you don't want.

  • Clear space and discover everything that you DO want - claiming and creating it by being guided by your pleasure.

  • Embody your TRUE, confident, sensual self - connecting with your body and creating a magnetic presence in life and business.

  • Learn your unique Pleasure Code TM and Pleasure Personality type and use it to activate, create, and embody who you WANT to be.

  • Build a solid and clear vision, crafting the steps that you need to take to create who you want to be and how you want to live.

  • Learn how to create and maintain powerful relationships that fit who you WANT to be.

  • Discover how to OWN IT... learning your power position in your work or business, and becoming a Femme Fatale who is powerfully MAGNETIC!

  • Learn how to create lasting and powerfully aligned relationships, with yourself, your partner, your work, and the universe!

  • Create the intentions, habits, routines and actions that will last a lifetime and actively support you to BE who you truly are and make the changes that YOU want to make.


All within a container where you are seen, held, and supported fully!

The core modules are divided into 5 parts:

Along with the weekly lessons, that you can work through at your own pace, there are LIVE group coaching and Q&A calls with Emma via Zoom, and a private, supportive community for peer support and for you to share your journey.

The Academy also contains 3 amazing bonus Masterclasses from guest coaches Leesa Whisker [Stylist & True Style Mentor], Franca Munoz [The Living Oracle], and Jelena Ostrovska [No BS Marketing Strategist] as well as course materials to support your journey through all the modules.


Even though you are busy, and perhaps even worried about the commitment and time involved, I can assure you that, as a busy, business-owning mum-of-3, I have designed each lesson so that it is bite-size and easy to digest! This program helps you to step away from overwhelm so that you can learn in the most easeful way possible!

Each enrolment into The Pleasure CodeTM Academy is limited so that you each get the attention you need!

This is not for you if:


You like constantly serving others as the 'good girl'

You are fine with not knowing your true self

You are OK with feeling stuck and people-pleasing

You don't want to commit to making changes

You want to feel small and unseen

You are happy not being put first

You do not want to activate your pleasure

You do not want a life that turns you on!



Emma is an ICF Accredited,

Sensual Somatic, Trauma Informed

women's empowerment coach

and public speaker.

She specialises in supporting women to unleash themselves from the 'good girl' labels and learn the tools to create a life that turns them on.

She has been on this journey, experiencing every transition a woman can go through: career, relationship, home, perimenopause... and she used her own Pleasure Method to guide her through it all.

She is a photographer and artist and works with women to use their body and their pleasure to heal so that they can build a life that they love.


She specialises in supporting women

who are transitioning through change and want to find who they are, feel damn good about themselves, and make the changes they need.


She supports you to learn how to heal through pleasure and embodiment, so that you can become who you were always meant to be.

Through what she teaches, you will learn how to navigate changes time and time again, putting yourself first so that you can create and nurture a life that turns you on.



You will gain such strong self-awareness that you know who you are, what you want, and how to get it!


You learn how to set clear and firm boundaries that allow you the space to get your energy back!


You strip away what is holding you back, learn to prioritise what you need, giving you time for yourself rather than everyone else.


You learn to use your unique Pleasure Code TM to connect with your body, to develop routines that nurture and expand your self love, acceptance, and (of course) PLEASURE.


You learn to develop the habits and routines that suit yousupporting you to become 'unstuck' and take action towards what you WANT rather than being stuck people-pleasing or procrastinating.


Your Evolution process expands your sense of self-worth and your capacity to see and receive wealth and abundance in all areas of your life. This gives you the confidence to stop settling for less! You will know what you are worth and you RISE to it - This may look like her raising your prices, changing your environment, or going for the promotion that you want!

Improved Relationships:

As you learn to understand and focus on yourself first and honour YOUR wants and needs, you learn to communicate this with more ease. You feel less drained, so it feels good and expansive to show up for others, and of course, you feel more confident to explore intimacy with yourself or a partner. There is even a whole module devoted to creating powerful relationships!


When you journey through this process, you learn how to strip away your mask and stand strong and confident in your body, as you want to be. You learn how to own and express your voice, and the strength that you embody becomes a force to be reckoned with! 

How does it work?

The school itself is split into 5 core modules, Untame, Embody, Evolve, Owning It, and Relationships. There are 12 easy-to-digest weekly online lessons for you to work through at a time that suits you, with integration weeks between each module. Plus there is a home play exercise to complete to support you to really integrate and practise the learning.

Each week, you receive a LIVE group coaching and Q&A call with Emma, your Sensual Somatic, Pleasure Mindset & Embodiment Expert and Coach, as well as any bonus lessons from the Expert Guest Coaches.

At the beginning of the programme, you have a 1:1 kickstart call with Emma to begin your journey and set your intentions for your journey, and at the end of the programme, you have a final integration week before your celebratory closing call.

You will be part of a private community where you will be able to share your progress, ask for feedback and support, as well as ask any questions through the journey. This is a safe space for you to share openly, where you will feel supported and able to show up vulnerably and without judgement!

Who is it for?

This programme is specifically designed for women who know that something needs to change, who cannot continue as they are, and who are ready to strip away the 'good girl' and step into themselves fully! It is for women ready to explore their pleasure and use it to reclaim who they are and create a life that turns them on.

What will I learn?


Taking off the Mask

You will:

  • Learn to strip away the 'good girl' labels and break free from the people-pleasing 'shoulds'.

  • Develop your awareness of who you really are and what you don't want.

  • Learn how to clear space - mental, emotional, and physical - ready for what you do want.

  • Untame your wild woman and gain clarity about what you want and who you want to be.

  • Move away from confusion, become 'unstuck' and learn how to use your pleasure as a tool.


And so much more...

PLUS... you will receive the BONUS Vision Masterclass led by Guest Coach, Franca Munoz!



BE who You Want to be

​You will:

  • Activate your unique Pleasure in your body to activate your confidence.

  • Discover what turns you on in all areas of your life, including your body, your space, and your desires.

  • Release your limiting beliefs, fears, and blocks by connecting to your spark, pleasure & purpose.

  • Learn the tools to tap into the feminine energy of flow rather than 'over-doing'.

  • Discover how to EMBODY who you want to be!


And so much more...

Plus... the BONUS Style Empowerment Masterclass from guest Coach Leesa Whisker!


Create a Life that Turns You on!

​You will:

  • Learn how to take intuitive action towards the life you want.

  • Be guided to create and set your intentions for a life that turns you on.

  • Build your vision and the action steps to get there.

  • Continue to expand your capacity to receive and create pleasure, with both the feminine and masculine energy.

  • Actively embody your true self without fear.

  • Develop and harness the habits and routines that will continue to support you.

  • Create and uphold clear boundaries in all areas of your life.


And so much more...

Plus... the BONUS Marketing without the BS Masterclass from Jelena Ostrovska



SHOW UP, be Seen, and be Heard

​You will:

  • Learn how to show up and be SEEN.

  • Discover how to create your MAGNETIC presence and energy so that you can own any room.

  • Embody your unique Pleasure Personality and unlock your Femme Fatale energy!

  • Learn the tools to tap into and utilise your Power Position in your business.

  • Discover how to EMBODY your magnetic energy in all areas of your life!


And so much more...

PLUS... the BONUS: Becoming a Femme Fatale 6-week accelerator worth £997!


Take your Relationships to the Spicy Next Level!

​You will:

  • Learn how to be your own biggest cheerleader, loving hard on yourself so that you teach others how to love and respect you!

  • Learn how to step into your feminine energy within a romantic relationship, inspiring him to step into his masculine, so that you can develop intimacy and connection.

  • Master your professional relationships, your relationship with your work and purpose, and those you need to work with.

  • Understand how to develop your relationship with the universe so that you can begin to manifest with intention.

  • Whether you are in a relationship or not, learn how to date and bring a little spice back into your life!


And so much more...

PLUS... a closing ceremony ceremony to celebrate your journey and transformation!




PLUS these Exclusive BONUSES!


Becoming a Femme Fatale...


This 6-week accelerator, worth £997, teaches you how to reconnect to your deep feminine sensual energy.

It allows you to connect with pleasure on a deep level, allowing you to receive it in your body, and retraining your mind to feel and enjoy pleasure on an elevated level.

Through this you are guided to awaken and enhance your relationship with yourself, learning to embrace intimacy as well as enhancing your connection within your relationship.

Are you ready to become your most sensual self?


Style Empowerment Masterclass

Leesa Whisker is an incredible stylist with over 20 years experience. She runs the True Style Journey and works with Conscious leaders to help them to embody who they truly are. Her passion is helping women to navigate life transitions in an empowered and fun way, and she uses personal style as a tool to connect with your true self.


Replay with Leesa

Leesa Whisker


Vision Masterclass

Franca Munoz is an experienced intuitive claircognizant (knowing) channeller with a passion for clarity. As a spirit whisperer and Tarot reader, Franca has spent a decade honing her ability to connect with the essence of all things and interpret messages from the spirit realm. Her abilities allow her to tap into the essence of people and situations, bringing forth clarity and insight to those seeking guidance. In her Vision Masterclass, she supports you to tap into your own intuition and inner guidance so that you can build your vision of a life that turns you on!

Replay with Franca

Franca Munoz

Is this right for me?

This IS for you if:

  • You know that things HAVE TO change!

  • You are ready to be who you WANT to be - not what they want you to be!

  • You are going through or have experienced a big change and feel like you have lost yourself.

  • Are longing to know how to feel confident enough to make the changes you want.

  • You want to experience joy, pleasure, intimacy & fun in your life again!

  • You want to learn how to feel pleasure in all areas of your life, including your body, your relationships, your space and your work.

  • You want an accelerated result that actually lasts!

  • You want a life that TURNS YOU ON!

This is NOT for you if:

  • You feel cynical and do not want to change the way you do and experience things.

  • If you think that spirituality and mindset work is a load of BS!

  • If you shame people for over-sharing.

  • If you are happy staying in your comfort zone and are not open to new experiences.

  • If you do not want to dramatically increase the pleasure in your life.

  • If you need a trigger warning or you want to censor (transformation is a trigger and requires vulnerability!)

  • You do not want to feel sexy or happy in your body.

  • If you do not want to become self-aware.

  • If you want to stay bored and frustrated in your job / relationship / life!

What is it like working with Emma?


Interview with a Pleasure Code TM Academy graduate

Candice begun her journey in February 2023. Here she shares her beautiful journey and experience 

Want to talk it through?

If you would like to talk it through to see if EVOLUTION is right for you, book a free discovery call with here:


One-time Payment:

3 Month Plan:

6 Month Plan:


Each month, there are LIMITED spaces available in The Pleasure CodeTM Academy. This is to ENSURE the journey is as nurturing and supportive as possible to each individual.


So, with over 600 women signed up to the Pleasure Code Community, these spaces go very quickly!

Meaning RIGHT NOW is the ONLY time I can guarantee your spot!


So, if you can see the unbelievable value in the support that you receive through the 6-month school of learning itself, plus the 3 guest coach Masterclasses from Leesa Whisker, Franca Munoz, and Jelena Ostrovska, now is the time to take action!

Feel into your pleasure, and if you can feel that pull towards something more, that inner longing to be who you are meant to be, then choose the best payment plan for you!

If you want to talk it through with me to see if the Academy is right for you, book a call below:



When does the programme start?

As soon as you enrol, you can begin! - the first step is to book in you 1:1 kickstart call and get familiar with the welcome section of the program.


When are the live Q&A coaching calls?

The full details of the calls are detailed when you enrol. All calls are recorded, so if you cannot make a call, then you can submit your question in advance and take part in the call on the replay. To get the most out of the programme, attending as many of the LIVE calls as possible is most beneficial for your transformation!


What happens if I can’t make the live calls? 

If you miss a call, don't worry, you can submit a question in advance of the call and catch up via the Zoom recording. These times to connect are such a special part of the journey and you’ll find so much value in what you learn from the group. Their questions and breakthroughs support and inspire everyone in the group so I would recommend attending as many as you can.


What if I don't fit in?

You will! I have been on this journey too, and I know how nerve racking it can be to start putting yourself out there, to share your struggles and to be seen. But it is only by coming together and sharing that we realise how connected we all are. We have so much in common, even though we are so beautifully unique. We ALL belong and I get to have the privilege of holding that supportive space for you to discover that for yourself. If you are nervous though, book a 1:1 discovery call with me. Especially as, when you are in the process of discovering who ‘you’ are, you are shifting and changing so much, and that can feel vulnerable. This is why we come together, to find our inner power and strength and support each other in doing so.


What’s the time commitment?

The program is 6 months and DOES require true and full commitment from you for you to see the transformation. If you do not show up to do the work, you will not see the results as I cannot do it for you. I carefully select the women that I accept into the space as the energy of the room is VERY important - so full commitment or this is not for you!

However, the program itself is created for busy women to fit around work, parenting, and anything else you’re currently dealing with. I understand the demands of daily life so the programme is designed to work for you, around your schedule. The lessons are easily manageable and are on average about 20 minutes. The only time-sensitive commitment that you need to make is for our live coaching calls every week (except for any integration time), which are usually between 60 - 90 minutes, and the home play of the lessons. I would recommend designating a regular evening or time each week to do the home play for you to make the most of our time together on the coaching calls. You’ll be amazed at the transformation you can experience in just 6 months when you commit to showing up for yourself in this way! And these are skills you’ll benefit from the rest of your life.


Any other questions?

Email me here and I’ll be happy to answer them. Or book a free call with me to talk them through.

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