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Joyous Misfit

Are you ready to be TURNED ON by your life?


"Pleasure is the ultimate act of rebellion"

Emma Eirene, Founder of Joyous Misfit

Photographer, Artist, Coach & Public Speake


Hi, I'm Emmar


My mission is simple; it is to support you in activating your unique Pleasure Code TM so that you can strip away the 'good girl labels', live 'self-fully' and create a life and business that turns you on!

It is for you to see, and lOVE, the beauty that you have within yourself, so that you can find your true self, your confidence, your sensuality, your power, and actively embody that every. single. day!

Loving yourself, loving what you do, loving your life - This is the ultimate act of rebellion that will allow you to reclaim your BODY, your VOICE, your POWER and awaken to an abundance of freedom and joy!

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Are you ready to LOVE your life?

Motivational Speaker

Want Emma to speak at your event?

Emma is available to speak on Podcasts, YouTube channels and events globally. Find out more below.


Starts Monday 15th May

Are you ready to embark on a 3 day activation to unlock your inner pleasure?


If so, you’re in the right place! I invite you to join the 3-Day Activation - Reclaim you Power, designed to help you connect with your authentic self and expand your capacity for pleasure.


Through this series of 3 LIVE masterclasses, you will explore your unique Pleasure Code TM, learn to expand your capacity to receive pleasure, learn to deeply honour your desires and needs, and cultivate more joy and pleasure in your life.


You will learn to trust your pleasure and uncover your authentic desires, and you will become more connected to your body and your senses.

So, if you're ready to reclaim your body, your voice, your power, click the button below to find out more!

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Listen to the Big O Podcast

The Big O Podcast... Oh yes, the BIG O(gasm) that we all need to experience, regularly... explores ways to elevate yourself into a place of personal power, through Creativity, Wild self-love and Awakening to your own pleasure through the feminine energy of flow, so that you can embody the Wild Goddess that you truly are.It's time for you to get turned on by your life and experience the Big O.

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