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Personal Brand

The Personal Brand sessions are here to awaken you to who you truly are... to reveal the heart-led leader that you are and share your personal brand with the world. Whether you are a conscious leader, a healer, a woman in the public eye, who inspires or supports others, a creator, or a heart-led CEO, this session is for you.


Your session is matched to who you are, the colours, the textures, the environment that you feel at home with. Your time with me is specifically tailored to you, to bring forward who you truly are... the powerful, heart and soul-led Goddess that brings light to this world through your beautiful uniqueness and message to the world. These sessions empower you to celebrate who you truly are - and the truth of who you are, your message to the world, is the true power that you hold.

I see you beautiful one, and my mission is for you to show the world the powerful being that you are.


Your Session


Whether you are an entrepreneur, an artist, a professional, a coach, a healer, or a badass creative goddess (that I know you all are) looking to align with yourself, your passion or your soul purpose, the Personal Brand sessions are perfect for you. We celebrate you by creating a set of images that embody your brand and personal message. These will be the foundation for your philosophy. 

During the session, you will be expertly guided so that you look and feel your best. Everything in your session will be perfectly matched to you and your brand, including colours, textures and settings. Your pre-session consultation will also help with styling so that you can perfectly prepare for your time in front of the camera.

When booking, I will invite you to a pre-session consultation where we can discuss and plan the perfect session for you and your brand. We will decide on the best location and time, and I am here to support you in styling your, your way. For you to get the best out of your images, it is good to think about your message and philosophy that you want to show the world. If booking the Creative Package, you will have the full day for us to create a number of looks and sets to showcase your authentic and unique image. Your photoshoot includes outfit changes if needed and a mixture of beautiful compositions that will suit what you want to embody through your session. Your session package covers everything, the session time, access to sets and props, styling and accessories, and of course, your beautiful full resolution digital images for personal and commercial use.

If you are a smaller startup brand, I am happy to create a bespoke package that will suit you and your budget. Simply click the request booking button below.



"Oh you're so talented. You really know how to capture a person from within. Thank you so much."

"Ooh they are lovely Emma! I'm not used to liking myself in pictures. You really do have a talent."

Creative, Visionary leader

How do you see yourself...

Are you a creative? A leader? A visionary? A creator of your own life?

Are you actively embodying this? Does your audience see you like this?

Do your images, your headshots, your website or your social media reflect this powerful energy that you hold?

Your role in this world is essential. Your powerful heart-led service through love and creativity inspires, uplifts and leads so many others. It is time to take yourself to the next level. To elevate yourself, to show your vision and the value of what you offer. You are a change-maker, and everything that you out into this world should reflect the way you elevate those around.

If you would like to talk about the perfect session for you, click the request booking button below.




Full Day Personal Brand Package:

50% deposit on booking


  • Creatively styled session for a full personal brand experience

  • Multiple outfit changes & styling options

  • Studio or location within the Bristol area (enquire if you want to go further afield)

  • Can be alone or with clients / models to give a full picture of you and your business

  • Full gallery of high resolution digital files with full domestic & commercial rights

  • Guide with pre-session advice

  • Full pre-session consultation

  • Private online gallery to view, download and share your purchased images

  • £100 print / wall art voucher

  • Payment plan options available


Confidence Rebrand Package

50% deposit on booking


  • Styled session for a confidence rebrand

  • Outfit changes included

  • Studio or location within the Bristol area (enquire if you want to go further afield)

  • 10 high resolution digital files with full domestic & commercial rights

  • Pre-session consultation

  • Private online gallery to view, download and share your purchased images



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