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You are the ANALYST!

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Inquisitive and innovative, Analysts are analytical thinkers and keen observers. They belong to the Thought Triad, driven to unravel the mysteries of the world and gain a profound understanding of its workings. However, Analysts grapple with their own fear, particularly the fear of delving into the unknown.

The intense investigator

Type: Perceptive, Innovative, Secretive, and Isolated Ideal Career: Researcher
Typical Trauma Response: Freeze

Healthy traits:

The Analyst is keen to know all the facts. She is always prepared and will research and plan every detail so that she is never caught unprepared. This can, however, lead her to becoming withdrawn. When healthy, the analyst becomes a strong and powerful leader. She is able to lovingly contribute to or even 'fix' any situation or problem, taking control and leading those around her.

Unhealthy traits:

In all her preparing, the analyst can get lost in the details. She can easily become stuck, especially when she feels as though she doesn't know all of the intricate details. In her unhealthy state, she wants to run away. She doesn't want to stand still long enough to 'feel', and when she is in this place, she can see things through her rose-tinted, 'positivity' glasses, by-passing the real issues.

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Pleasure Activation:

The Analyst is incredible at seeking the truth. To activate her pleasure, you simply need to call on her to organise and prepare for an event, situation or decision. She thoroughly enjoys delving into the truths of the universe so that she can be prepared, and people who stimulate this part of her through intellectual conversation or experiences are sure to light her up. She is so much in her own mind though, that she needs deep and real physical connection to allow her to release control. Exploratory sensual play in the bedroom will ground her and allow her to surrender to pleasure.

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