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Pleasure Archetype Quiz

Question Two


I am generally a person who maintains a positive attitude and believes that things will work out for the better. I easily find excitement in various things and always find something to do. Being with others and making them happy brings me joy, and I enjoy sharing my well-being with them. While I may not always feel fabulous, I try not to let anyone notice. However, this positive attitude has sometimes led me to procrastinate and avoid dealing with my own problems.


I am an individual who experiences strong emotions, and it is noticeable to most when I feel unhappy about something. While I may come across as reserved, I am more sensitive than I let on. I desire clarity in my interactions with others, seeking to know what to expect from them and what they can expect from me. I am aware of social rules, but I prefer making my own decisions and having autonomy over my choices.


I tend to maintain self-control, relying on logic and efficiency. Dealing with emotions is not my strong suit, and I prefer working alone to avoid personal problems or conflicts from affecting my focus. Some may perceive me as cold or overly objective, but I intentionally keep my emotional reactions in check to avoid distractions from what truly matters to me. I don't usually display my emotions when others bother me.

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