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You are the CREATRIX!

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Creatrixes, the inward explorers, possess a deep fascination with the inner world rather than the external realm. They often feel like they don't quite belong, constantly questioning their identity and purpose. "Who am I?" and "What am I doing here?" are recurrent queries that permeate their thoughts.

The unique, individual artist

Type: Expressive, Dramatic, Self-Absorbed, and Temperamental Ideal Career: Artist, Creator
Typical Trauma Response: Freeze

Healthy traits:

The Creatrix thrives when she can be individual and unique. She is life's artist, who seeks to do things differently. She is able to dream and vision beyond what others are capable of, but can sometimes be happy to live in the dream rather than the reality. In her healthy version, she is able to apply her dreaming to a tactical strategy and show up with her own unique and magnetic power and presence.

Unhealthy traits:

The Creatrix's biggest fear is having no identity, of blending in and being 'normal'. This can mean that she can get lost in being 'different' instead of aligning to her true self. When unhealthy, the dreaming and visioning can become a yearning instead of action taking. She can sink into taking care of everyone else instead of herself, leaking energy without nourishing and replenishing her own.

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Pleasure Activation:

The Creatrix is unique and different, and therefore, she needs to be surrounded by creative inspiration that will spark and inspire her imagination. She dreams big, so when her reality lives up to these dreams, her pleasure will naturally be activated. She needs to ensure that her life and relationships spark her curiosity and big dreaming. Beautifully unique environments, experiences and people will be sure to keep her satisfied, igniting her Pleasure CodeTM. She enjoys playful, sensual and expressive lovers, who want to explore her mind and body as they would

an intricate piece of art.

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