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Love Photoshoots

The Love sessions are here for you to fully experience and capture the love that you have in your life... whether that is with your partner, your family or your beautiful children. YOU are the heart centre of that love, and it's time to capture your moment and honour this precious time, and the love that it holds.


Your session is matched to who you and your loved ones are, the colours, the textures and the environment that you feel at home with.


For COUPLES, I recommend a session in your home or out in nature to get the true romantic feel; secret kisses, messy hair, draping clothing and bare tangled feet.


For FAMILIES, let's PLAY! With adventures out in the woods, where the wild flowers grow, with tree branches to climb and leaves to throw.

For MOTHERS-to-be & NEWBORNS, feel like a queen inside the warm and cosy studio, where every inch of you will feel beautiful, draped in luxury fabrics and beautiful sets, where we will celebrate your beautiful bump and baby.


These sessions are designed to empower you to feel the full joy of the love that you have in your life. I see you beautiful one, and I want to capture the love that you have and turn it into pure magic and art that you can cherish forever. 


Your Session


Whether you are in love with a partner that honours every part of you, or a mother to little ones, who provide you with a sense of unconditional love, I am here to capture your moments. To awaken you to each other, so that you can see and feel every moment through every image.

This is a photography service that captures more than an image, it remembers the feeling, the loving and the little moments, long after everything else has been forgotten...

Are you ready to awaken?



When booking, you simply choose your studio or forest session and find a date that suits yous and your loved one. It will include outfit changes as you need and your session can be held either in the forest or the studio. The studio dresses, accessories and flowing fabrics are available to style you into the goddess that you are, and we will plan for this prior to your session. The session package covers your session, access to the dresses, fabrics, styling and accessories, and of course, viewing your beautiful gallery of images in the studio ready to choose and buy your favourites - and as these sessions are here to empower you, whichever package you choose to buy includes both the digital and printed 10x8" images.


Love Portraits

A woman with love in her life is truly blessed, and these portrait sessions are here to honour your most sacred and beautiful moments with your loved ones. They turn your precious memories into pieces of art for you to adorn your home with, share with your family and friends and for you to look back on in years to come, reliving the joyous and loving feeling that you felt in that moment.