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You are the MARSHAL!

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Marshals, known as Reformers, are idealistic and principled beings. They possess unwavering convictions and strive to bring about positive change. Driven by a strong sense of justice, Marhals embark on specific paths with the goal of transforming reality and elevating it to its highest potential.

The conscientious reformer

Type: Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, and Perfectionistic Ideal Career: Lawyer / Police / Parol Officer
Typical Trauma Response: Flight

Healthy traits:

The Marshal follows and upholds the rules. She knows that there is a 'right way' of doing things. She has a strong presence and power, and she demands a very high standard. She is very strategic and although she can come across as critical, but this is how she show loves. When healthy, she is adventurous and likes to explore and learn. She will can have a positive and uplifting nature that is magnetic.

Unhealthy traits:

The Marshal is often a perfectionist and so, can be her own worst enemy. She can procrastinate on things when she believes they are not perfect and can be overly critical on herself. When she is unhealthy she can become emotional and dramatic, often throwing away the structure that she needs in order to thrive. She can reject structure rather than living to her true, ordered nature.

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Pleasure Activation:

The Marshal thrives with structure and discipline. She lights up knowing that she has followed the rules, and gets turned on by ensuring that she is laying down the law and upholding the right way of doing things. She has a strong sense of self so when it comes to her Pleasure CodeTM. She enjoys an environment that is organised and clear, where everything has its place. She likes it affirmed to her hat she is doing things 'right'. To embrace her pleasure, she needs to know her body fully so that she can give her partner a rule book for pleasing her, and he will happily oblige.

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