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What is the masterclass about?

This masterclass is here to ACTIVATE you. Through each day, you will learn what your superpower is, discover your strengths and where you feel 'lacking', and learn how to align with your inner creative goddess through energy and mindset work. By the end of the 7 days, you will be empowered and ready to take the first steps towards transforming your life. You will be able to vision who you want to be so that you can start taking action to step into and embody your true creative self.

Who is it for?

The creative goddess who knows they are meant for more.

I believe everyone is a 'creative', whether you paint, draw, write, act, sing, dance, design or vision. You are a creative soul who is waiting to be released, to follow their passion and to live their life purpose with ease and joy. But to be creative externally, the work starts internally. You need to embody the confidence, self-love and belief in yourself to be able to fully embrace your potential.

YOU are a Creative Goddess, and I am here to activate that spark inside you so that you can confidently live into your true version of yourself.

What is covered over the 7 days?

Each day, we will be aligning one of our 7 energy centres by activating the divine feminine that is within this energy. It is through this alignment of our body and mind, that we can clear blocks and begin to discover and awaken our own inner Creative Goddess. You will learn about the feminine archetypes: the maiden, the mother, the wild woman, the healer, the creatrix, the crone and the priestess. And you will begin to identify and activate these archetypes within YOU.

Activate your Creative Goddess Masterclass

  • Over 7 days, you will be sent each day's video from the Masterclass and the workbook via email. The content is downloadable so that you can work through the masterclass at your own pace.

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