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Hi, I'm Emma!

I have been a primary school teacher since 2006, a lead practitioner for South Gloucestershire, an artist in residence, a children's book author and a creative coach & mentor!

I love inspiring young minds through my passion for art.

There is so much that creative teaching through art can do to enhance a child's well-being, to develop  their fine and gross motor skills, PLUS nourish and extend their creative thinking! Art is a powerful tool that enables communication in a way that nothing else can!


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About ME

I studied Art & Design throughout my education, and when completing my PGCE I specialised in Art so that I could take my passion for the importance of art into schools.

My 15 year teaching career was dedicated to up-levelling the arts within school.


I am an ambassador for the value that art has and the role that it plays in developing the WHOLE child, while also enhancing ALL areas of the curriculum, raising our young people to become confident, engaged and excited to learn.

Children's Workshop

There are a range of options that I can offer to work with you and the children within your school which are outlined below:

One off Themed Workshops

(half or full day)

Per half day, I can work with 1 - 3 classes on a themed mini project. I plan and teach the project based on the school's theme or key text, and enable the children to create a beautiful piece of collaborative or individual art.

Artsist in Residence

Each year, I have a limited number of schools that I can work with as an artist in residence. For this, you can contract me in for a set number of days per year to work with a range of classes (ideally 1 full day per class). From this, each class would be taught in-depth art skills, they would complete a full project and I would then create a beautiful show stopping 3D display of their work that would be a permanent feature in the school for the academic year.

All of these options cater for YR - Y6.

All resources for the projects are provided.

Prices start at £395 and are quoted individually based on requirements.

Team Meeting



Teachers confidence in teaching art is often low, and their own self talk can be reflected by the children. The most common phrase that I have heard from adults and children alike is "I can't draw." So let's take action to change this.

If we can develop and enhance the teachers skills in art, it will not only enhance their confidence and personal well-being, they will project this onto their children, skillfully modelling what they are teaching and enjoying the process!

So, as part of your staff CPD, I can offer fun and skillful training sessions during staff meetings, INSET days or twilight sessions to teach your staff the skills they need to support the creative development of your children.

Casual Meeting

Curriculum Consultant

Over the last 15 years, I have worked with my own and a number of other South Glos schools to develop their art curriculum. This service can range from planning and  reviewing your curriculum map for the year to specifically developing an in-depth theme or project plan for a term.

I am able to work with your art leader or curriculum team to develop a set of plans that will enhance your curriculum and offer the children a wide range of skills that will support their learning across more subjects than art alone.

If you can develop a plan that enables the children to engage their observation and exploration skills, as well as developing their artistic skills, their creative thinking will stretch far beyond art alone.




Staff Development

Why not take a breath and step away form the chaos of school... step away from the time pressures, the data analysis and the overwhelm. Schedule you and your team some restorative time away to connect, to destress and to have fun, all while learning new skills!

For these sessions, you can either book a group session at the Creative ME Studio, where you can have some time away from school, get messy and get stuck into creating. Or, if it's a large group, I can bring the resources to your school setting and conduct the session there.

If you would like to organise this as part of your staff development, send me an email with the details of your requirements and I'll be happy to organise the perfect session with you.


Wall Murals

Inspiring ~ Uplifting ~ Motivating

Does your school environment need a revamp?

Would you like to inspire your staff and children daily with motivating and inspirational art?


Whether it's a classroom, a communal area or even the school hall, I can create a wall mural to uplift your school and it's community.

The most popular wall murals that I have created are inspired by the Charlie Mackesy's illustrations and quotes.



Contact Me

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147a Church Road, Frampton Cotterell BS35 2JX  |  Tel: 07719759875

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