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You are the SUCCEEDER!

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Dynamic and purposeful, Succeeders are natural catalysts who inspire others to pursue greatness. Having achieved remarkable feats themselves, they believe that nothing is insurmountable. Many find themselves drawn to Succeeders, inspired by their confidence and elevated self-esteem.

The success-orientated achiever

Type: Adaptive, Excelling, Driven, and Image-Conscious Ideal Career: Visible Athlete, Actor
Typical Trauma Response: Fight

Healthy traits:

The Succeeder flourishes when she is seen to achieve. She strives to be the best, and feels worthy through her own achievements, although, this can mean that she puts a lot of pressure on herself to be perfect. When healthy, she becomes a beautiful 'role model' for those around her, showing others "if I can do it, anyone can". She can naturally build strong and loyal connections to others.

Unhealthy traits:

The succeeder often uses her achievements as a way of proving her worthiness of love, so failure is not an option. In her unhealthy state, she fears conflict, and can therefore bypass her own emotions and needs, getting stuck in a cycle of constantly seeking to prove her worth and value to others. This can mean abandoning herself and her needs in order to keep the peace.

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Pleasure Activation:

The Succeeder is intense and passionate. Relationships with people who recognise this are essential. She enjoys achieving so that she can show others that it's possible for them as well. This 'role model' way of being lights her up and turns her on. She enjoys physical and intellectual connections, particularly enjoying the company of someone who is confident and strong. She enjoys challenge as it gives her a greater sense of achievement, so someone who can keep up with her and give her this challenge, would make an ideal partner; especially when this is expressed in the bedroom.

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