Are you ready to AWAKEN?


Empowered Woman

Sunday 30th October

Join me for:

➤ Inspirational Talks ➤ Wild Goddess Activation ➤ Creative Activity ➤ Fire release Ceremony  ➤ Music and Movement ➤ Goddess Sisterhood ➤ Intention setting


The empowered woman's event is a day to elevate, to connect with your higher self and to align to your purpose. It is a day for YOU... time away from the responsibilities that you have, the roles that you play - mother, wife, {enter job role)! This time is for you to experience joy and connection without a group of like-mined sisters.

Through inspiring talks, creative expression, movement and the power of the collective consciousness of women, this day will allow you to rise into your true, powerful, wild, self.

Within the grounding energy of Tortworth forest, a private space where you will connect with the power of the Earth. You will be able to raise your vibration, be seen and be heard, in a safe space that will hold and support you, create a sense of joy and peace around you, and allow you take the time that you need for yourself.


The opening ceremony will open you to receive what you need from the day, the fire ceremony will help you to release the weight that you are carrying, and the closing ceremony will bring you into alignment with your true self, your purpose and your next steps for you - allowing you to set the intentions that you need to elevate yourself.


This day is for you beautiful one... so, the only question is, are you ready to awaken?


Tortworth Forest

Sunday 30th October

11am - 4pm

Limited tickets available

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