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Becoming an 'artist' - what does that even mean?

Hey Creatrixes…

Welcome back to the blog!

Today, something a little different.

I want to have a conversation. Just me and you, and the comfort and security of this safe space.

Today’s post revolves around one question:

Are you following your creative path?

I don’t mean ‘are you practising your acrylic techniques’ or ‘have you drawn something this week’... I mean are you following your path, doing the things you truly want to do, and loving life?

For most people, the answer is "no".

Actually, it’s more along the lines of “no, of course not! Because I have work, and kids, and the in-laws, and the dog, and I try and see my friends once a week for coffee and a chat but you know how it goes… but isn’t that the case for everyone, anyway?”

There’s this really strange acceptance within our society that those big dreams you have when you’re a kid are just that - dreams - and the idea of ‘having it all’ is about as far away as the moon and the stars.

Well, I don’t accept it. And I don’t think you do, either.

I believe that creativity benefits us all. Because what art is to me, isn’t what it is to you, and what it is to you isn’t what it is to someone else.

My idea of art is painting, sketching, photography - that’s how I express myself, work through my feelings, and come to understand my emotions.

For some it’s writing; baking; crochet; having an immaculate, beautifully designed house; fashion; design; sewing; acting; music; tree sculpting… and the list goes on, because creativity and art can be ANYTHING!

So yes, creativity is for you. And yes, creativity can open doors and make your path a little clearer.

When you’re talking to someone about something you love to do, how many times do you start the sentence with…

“Oh, I’m not very good but...”

We are so good at putting ourselves down.

And hear me now…

You literally cannot get art & creativity wrong!

Art is subjective. Art isn’t really about the paint on the canvas - it’s about how it’s perceived. And each person will perceive it differently.

Not everyone will love it. Not everyone will hate it. Not everyone will have an opinion about it.

...but isn’t that the beauty of it? Doesn’t that make you completely free?

If you want to hear a story about one of my most commented on, most commissioned pieces that I absolutely hated when I first started it… go here. You’ll hear all about how I changed my relationship with it, and how I used my feelings towards it to propel myself to create something that is now a centrepiece in my shop.

So… how do you unlock your inner artist? And how will that benefit your life? (Whatever that means for you).

That is the question, isn’t it?

Finding your style - and your expression - is a pretty big first step. It starts with you asking yourself,

“What does creativity mean to me?”

The second step is understanding that being an artist isn’t an A - Z process… it’s a

continual journey. You’re forever on that journey, and you’re forever learning new things, different ways to be creative, what works for you and what doesn’t.

Of course, the more you practice, the more finessed you’ll become - but don’t just do it to create polished, ‘finished’ artwork. Do it to make that journey and enjoy the process, foot blisters and all.

When you don’t have someone to guide you, that journey can be long, windy and arduous at times. Either way, it’s worth doing - and one of the best journeys you’ll ever make - but if you think you’d love to do it with someone guiding you into your creativity, into your best self, the courageous, confident being you want to be who seizes all things she wants, then you’re in luck.

On the 11th of November, Ignite starts. My 12 week coaching program Ignite is for exactly that. Unlocking your truest sense of self and helping you onto the path you want to be on, no matter what stage of life you’re at.

Before that though, I’m running a completely free 7-day masterclass. It’ll give you a taste of what Ignite has to offer. We’ll be activating our creative goddesses, discovering the feminine archetypes and which ones we relate to the most, combating our fears and realising our strengths, and integrating our true selves into our lives. I’ll also be telling my story - teacher turned artist - and the leaps of faith I took. Every day we’ll be on Zoom and streaming it to Facebook Live, and for those that can’t make it but are signed up, you can catch the replay.

Remember, the masterclass isn’t just for Ignite members - it’s for everyone! Whether you want to sign up for the coaching or not is completely up to you.

Put these dates in your diary:

20th - 26th September: Completely free 7-day masterclass that’ll leave you with great tools to begin activating your creative goddess and becoming more confident in your art and your self.

11th November, 6 weeks before Christmas and 6 weeks after: 3-part transformative coaching experience Ignite does exactly what it says - it will ignite the ferociously creative, wildly powerful soul inside of you. You’ll learn to trust your creativity, listen to your gut and make BIG life decisions that can change your course and bring the things you’ve only ever dared to dream about to life.

Don’t put it off - grab this with both hands, and believe in yourself enough to know that you deserve this. Get all of the info here.

I can’t wait to see you there! ❤

Talk soon,

Emma x

P.S: Why not pop into the shop to see the piece I’ve been talking about? I love to have a chat with everyone that comes in!

If you’re looking to flex those creative muscles, I’m still running all of my classes, 1:2:1 tuition and workshop sessions as usual.

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