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How to bring Joy into your life with Art

Welcome back to the Joyous Misfit blog! This week, we’re looking at how art brings joy into our lives, how the art that surrounds us can influence us, and how to figure out what kind of art sparks that in you.

So, why do we decorate our homes and our safe spaces with wallpaper, paint, artwork? Trinkets, photo frames, decor?

Well, in simple terms, because we enjoy looking at it - but it’s so much more than that! It evokes emotion, memory and a sense of joy and contentment. Art is essential to a good state of mind, because it makes us happy - and happiness, healthy mental wellbeing, is essential.

If you strip every artistic element away from your home, from the world, everything is very black and white. We need colour and art to connect with the world, ourselves, and other people. Think about art galleries, museums, Banksy pieces - it brings people together, sparks conversation, theories, insight. Art has always been a talking point, a way to communicate beyond language and cultural barriers - it’s a universal language that everyone can understand.

Art, and what brings us joy, is subjective, like everything. Finding the art that speaks to you is as simple as looking at something (a painting, a sculpture, stained glass - anything, really!) and feeling as if it speaks to your soul. There is a deep understanding and feeling of contentment when you really connect with a piece. It might be something that brings up happy memories, or reminds you of your childhood, a friend or family member, a place, a smell, a feeling. It can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. Remember, you don’t have to like what everyone else likes. It’s all about how it makes you feel. That’s how you’ll find joy in art!

For me, various types of art bring me joy. There’s a painting I’ve carried with me from home to home - it was one I did in the very first house I bought with my husband, and it still hangs on the wall today, because looking at it takes me back to that time and place and reminds me of happy memories.

I have a huge 70x40 inch fine art framed photo of my children that I took last year as I knew it was a moment, a memory that I would want to keep up forever. Every time I see it, it brings me so much happiness and pride.

I also have a little piece of art I picked up from Cornwall a few years ago. Every year we try and go camping, (it's our time to disconnect from everything else and connect as a family) and every time I look at it, it brings back those happy feelings and brightens my day.

When you find what brightens your day whenever you look at it, fill your home with it! Every nook and cranny, every corner and cubby - you’ll feel the difference in your soul… not to mention you’ll have a beautiful home!

I think, as humans, we are often so busy we forget to enjoy and savour the little things that bring us joy day-to-day. Sometimes, I don’t even notice I’ve stopped to admire a piece of art in my home, or cherish a memory, until I’m doing it. That’s why art is so important - it reminds you to breathe and enjoy the little things in life. So make sure you take a breath today and enjoy a piece of art… it’ll do you the world of good, I promise!

Don’t forget, the Joyous Misfit shop, Em's Little Gallery in Frampton Cotterell, has now opened it's doors again! If you’re inspired to create your own joy, you can find a lovely selection of high-quality art supplies and inspirational books at the shop. I’ll help you figure out which medium you’ll enjoy working with and what sort of art you want to create - just come and find me, I’ll be somewhere in the shop!

You can also look at my original artwork, buy limited edition fine art prints and cards, book yourself onto our fun & friendly Creative ME Studio workshops or commission your own unique art piece from me too - or, if you just fancy some conversation, I am happy to chat about everything art! I can’t wait to talk to you all, and I’m so looking forward to seeing you in my shop!

I was counting the days until I could see you all and have some really soul-fulfilling conversation with both friends and new faces, I'm so happy that we finally can!

Talk soon!

Emma x

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