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You are the PROTECTOR!

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Charming and enigmatic, Protectors are steadfast and loyal individuals. They navigate life by exploring the extremes, seeking safety and certainty in their quest for lasting and dependable relationships. Trust and companionship hold great significance for Protectors as they yearn for unwavering support.

The commited loyalist

Type: Engaging, Responsible, Anxious, and Suspicious Ideal Career: Supporting role, PA
Typical Trauma Response: Fawn

Healthy traits:

The Protector is loyal to a fault. She is good at communicating and often shares her in-depth thought process, particularly when making a decision. Her loyalty however, can lead her to neglecting herself and her own needs. When healthy, the protector is decisive and exudes a quiet confidence. She can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, where people feel safe and can trust her fully.

Unhealthy traits:

The loyalty of the Protector means that she can find it incredibly difficult to let go of things, people, ideas and situations, even when they are harming her. Her steadfastness to everything, means that she can move very slowly, often getting lost in the process of decision making. When unhealthy she can over consume knowledge and will try to prove her worth through achieving.

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Pleasure Activation:

The Protector is fiercely devoted and committed, and loves the opportunity to see things through. She has a deep desire to feel safe, so environments, situations and relationships that provide this for her will meet her needs and activate her ability to receive pleasure. When she feels secure and protected herself, she will light up and you will see the best of her. When it comes to physical intimacy, developing a strong, deep and meaningful connection is a must. Long, comforting embraces with a lover is necessary to activate her pleasure, both in and out of the bedroom.

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