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A day just for you to reconnect with who you are, release the 'busy' and embrace your wild woman energy.


Saturday 11th November



Lifeworks by Rio, Wotton-under-Edge

Are you ready to Release & REWILD?

Are you ready to release the weight of all the day-to-day expectations of you? To reclaim who you are? - reclaim your time, your energy, your own power? In-Person, side-by-side with beautiful women on the same journey?

I see you beautiful soul - I can see that you're busy, tired, stuck... I see that you have been using your energy to please everyone else for too long, feeling as though you have lost yourself, and now you want to be free. Free of the people pleasing, the over-giving, the constant DOING.


Are you ready to start putting your energy back into YOU? To learn to prioritise your needs? To dare to start feeling GOOD about yourself - rejuvenated, reenergised, refreshed?


Ready to reconnect with your wild woman energy - to start to feel like your sensual, confident self again?


I know how that feels, I lived it, and I am here to help you to create freedom and space for yourself!

This beautiful in-person event, in the beautiful Lifeworks yurt in the Cotswolds, gives you the R&R that you need. Through powerful and inspiring activities, movement and sound healing, you are guided to RELEASE & REWILD back to your true self - the one who prioritises her needs, wants and desires.

The day has been beautifully crafted to awaken you, supporting you to reclaim your BODY, reclaim your VOICE and reclaim your personal POWER so that you can feel like the relaxed, ignited, confident YOU.

Why go WILD?

The wild woman dances to the beat of her own drum. She lives life on her terms, fully embodied in who she is. She releases the shackles of the societal expectations and embraces what she needs, what she wants, what lights her. She is the energy that awakens you to possibility, pleasure and play! So, is it time for you to embrace your inner wild woman?

The Location: Lifeworks by Rio

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"Seeing Emma work with everybody, and how she really brought out the confidence and the feeling of the people she was with. She was just so encouraging...

it's like she sees your best self." 

Release & REWILD

The wild path means choosing yourself - you are reclaiming and reconnecting with who you truly are - releasing your busy mind and learning to put yourself first. This is not selfish, it is SELF-FULL.

By doing this, you are:

  • - Nourishing your energy

  • - Gaining clarity around your needs (and desires!)

  • - Expanding your time and capacity (for yourself and others)

  • - Improving your relationships (with yourself and others!)

  • - Gaining confidence to be seen and heard

  • Increasing your abundance

  • - Activating your confidence

  • - And so much more...

So tell me, are you ready to put yourself first, release yourself from limiting beliefs and expectations and return to your WILD?


What you'll experience...




When you are aligned with your wild energy, with who you are and what you want, you are able to make decisions that are right for you. You will learn what your needs are and will understand how to prioritise your needs and desires. You will learn to MAKE the time to really feel pleasure & play, to look after yourself, and in-turn allow you to improve your health and wellness - body, mind and soul.

When you know what you want and need, and you have the confidence in yourself to voice this, you can have from the most nurturing and supportive relationships in your life. You won't need to settle for less and you will allow yourself to open up to PLEASURE, JOY, LOVE and CARE that your relationships should be giving you.

Being abundant supports us and provides us with what we need to thrive, giving us freedom, stability and safety. But when you are out of alignment, you can settle for less and live life in scarcity and lack, rather than joy and abundance. Reclaiming yourself provides you with a toolkit that allows you to call in and recognise the abundance in your life, from a place of pleasure, purpose and play. You are able to move forward with aligned action that magnetises opportunities. This kind of alignment is powerful and opens you to receive even more wealth in your life.

"Emma has a lovely way with her.. she really put me at ease. I felt like I was me, I felt like I was genuine.

I really recommend Emma's abilities to see through to the you that you want to shine through.

It's really powerful."

Your Hosts

Emma Eirene

The Joyous Misfit

She is love personified, a hug for your soul, that lifts and inspires you to lead the life that you want.

See yourself the way that she sees you, as the Powerful, Wild, Creative Goddess that you are.

Let her inspire you on a soul level and help you to elevate into your dream life.


Kimberley Vallis

Serendipity with Kimberley

She is joy and energy that inspires you to make changes, free yourself and heal.

She health & wellness practitioner using Reiki, Sound Healing and more...

Let her lift your spirit and help you to release everything that is no longer serving you.


The Day



Opening ceremony and Introduction


Music & Movement release


Learning who you truly are

coaching circle & visualisation with Emma


Sound bath with Kimberley


Restorative Lunch


'Awakening your WILD'


Refresh break


Closing ceremony


"Our wildness is our POWER. It is everything. It is what guides us to who we choose to be, what we choose to embody, how we choose to live. It is the beating heart of our existence, our passion, the joy that fills our environment, our relationships, our work. It is our deep inner knowing coming forward to light our path. It is our very first step to knowing our true power, are you courageous enough to take it?"

Emma Eirene

Your Investment


Introductory Offer


£49 deposit, the rest payable on the day

You receive:

Full day event including lunch in the exquisite beautiful Lifeworks Yurt in the Cotswolds

Direct access to Emma & Kimberley during the day

Event aftercare call to support with integration

Access to the breadth of experience and insights from both Emma & Kimberley

Lunch blessing to awaken you to receiving abundance

Sound healing ceremony to release and clear your energy

Coaching circle to ignite your inner passion and expression

Music and movement to awaken your wild woman

Opening and Closing ceremonies restore & ignite your energy

New ways of thinking to take away with you and use to support yourself from the inside out

What is your,
& Health
worth to you?

Book your Spot

Only 11 spaces available for this intimate women only retreat.
Click the button below and select 11th Nov on the calendar to book.

  • An In-Person event in the Cotswolds - with Sound Healing

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    99 British pounds

Holly D Child

"Kimberley is one of the loveliest people you will meet. I have just come home from attending my second relaxation retreat - they just get better and better. I feel calm, grounded and enriched. Kimberley and her team are my sort of people, my tribe. If you are thinking about joining a retreat or experiencing anything Kim offers - set the intention and honour it, make the investment in yourself, for yourself. You won't regret it. with love xx"
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