Creative Goddess

It's more than just a workshop, this is your creative


Painters Palette

This is not just learning a new skill, or even honing what you know, this is an experience, a moment, where you get to feel and see your creative power rising...


In this moment, your true creative goddess is revealed, you can become who you want to be, the creative you are meant to be.

You are the embodiment of the divine feminine Creative Goddess... and your session, your experience during this awakening, will stay with you forever.

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Your Moment, Your Way

Each experience is designed to awaken the Creative power within you, whether that be to paint, draw, photograph or mix the media to create something new and beautifully original!

Whichever experience you book onto, I will be there to expertly guide you to learn new skills, learn new processes and explore and develop your own creativity.

The studio offers a shared and social workspace where you can learn and grow in your skills together. You are surrounded buy art and all tools and resources are provided for you


Art Workshops