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Creative Goddess

It's more than just a retreat, this is your creative


Painters Palette

This is not just learning a new skill, or even honing what you know, this is an experience, a moment, where you get to feel and see your creative power rising...


In this moment, your true creative goddess is revealed, you can become who you want to be, the creative you are meant to be.

You are the embodiment of the divine feminine Creative Goddess... and your session, your experience during this awakening, will stay with you forever.

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Your Moment, Your Way

Each experience is designed to awaken the Creative power within you, whether that be to paint, draw, photograph or mix the media to create something new and beautifully original!

Whichever experience you book onto, I will be there to expertly guide you to learn new skills, learn new processes and explore and develop your own creativity.

The studio offers a shared and social workspace where you can learn and grow in your skills together. You are surrounded buy art and all tools and resources are provided for you


Creative  Embodiment Workshops

Wild Goddess Rising Studio

  • Mediative creation using abstract colour

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    49 British pounds
  • Connect with and create your spirit animal guide

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    49 British pounds
  • Painting from soul using expressive mixed media techniques

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    49 British pounds

Tortworth Forest Centre

  • A day retreat in the forest, creating a large 1m x 1.5m canvas

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    150 British pounds
  • Release your wild and connect with nature with this immersive painting...

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    197 British pounds

1:2:1 Creative Coaching


1:2:1 tuition to transform your skill, creativity and confidence.

1:2:1 tuition is available for all ages and all abilities. My role as your creative coach is to firstly develop and enhance your existing skills, then building on this through teaching you new skills and techniques in a range of mediums,

Tuition will give you a wide and varied portfolio that can help you to develop your personal collection as well as contribute to your academic or career progress - such as applications for scholarships or even creative job applications.

The biggest impact that 1:2:1 tuition will have is on your confidence to explore and develop your own creativity. This is a life long skill that will help you to think creatively in all of your endevours.

When you begin to see the world creatively, the world becomes open with opportunities!



1:2:1 tuition is organised termly. This enables my students to develop a wide range of skills during the term, while also creating a wide and varied portfolio that they will have the confidence to continue to develop outside of their lessons.

The year is broken up into six 6-week terms. Each week, you will have a 1.5 hour session with me. I only take on a limited number of 1:2:1 pupils each term, so spaces get filled quickly. The sessions are planned bespokely for you and all resources and equipment are provided as part of the tuition.

6 week term: £450 (£75 per session)

If you require one particular skill, such as acrylic painting for example, I am able to offer an extended 2 hour one-off 1:2:1 session.

One-off 1:2:1 session: £125

White Acrylic Paint

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Online Courses

online coures

JOIN the Wild Goddess Rising FB Group

Embody your divine feminine energy through the power of creativity, sexuality and mindset.

Welcome Wild Goddess, you fierce soul led woman, welcome to the Wild Goddess Rising.

This community is here to upport and empower you to embody your divine feminine energy through the power of creativity, sexuality and mindset.

The Wild Goddess is the unapologetically creative soul, the joyous misfit that seeks to whole-hearedly know and embody their unique self, the joy that they can bring and their place in the world... she is fierce and wild, and seeks the freedom and independence to live in her full creativity 🌙

This group will help you to elevate yourself by embracing and engaging your inner wild with love ~ aligning you with the goddess within you by connecting with your truth, your essence - your soul purpose!

Engaging in joyful, creative practises, and developing the mindset that will allow your life to flow freely and with ease ~ allowing you to embody your true self.

So come and lift your soul to a higher place and raise your vibration so that you can truly align with your purpose. Unlock your power, change your perception and release your untamed wildness. Ignite your creative goddess and transform your life!

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