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Welcome to the Power of Art

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

How the Joyous Misfit and the Power of Art can bring colour and beauty to your life!

Welcome to the Joyous Misfit blog! Here, you’re at home with art, colour and fun! The Joyous Misfit is YOU, it’s ME, it’s our whole community - it’s home to everyone who wants to bring brightness to their lives through the power of art. If this sounds like you, read on to learn more about how the Joyous Misfit will benefit you and your quality of life. Or click on the image below to join me in my FREE Facebook group which is a hub for creative inspiration, and a safe space to share your own creative ideas, thoughts and questions.

My name is Emma, and I’m the mind behind the Joyous Misfit brand.

I’m an artist, photographer, teacher, children’s book author and mum of 3. As an artist, I draw on each of these identities to aid my passion for bringing art and inspiration into people’s lives… But let's not talk too much about me here, you can read all about me on the website if you want to know more.

In a nutshell… I live my life very creativitely through art!

Art has always been my respite and my soul's home, and I find that art is where people turn when everyday life, stresses and responsibilities get a little too much. It’s such dynamic healing power if we know how to harness it, and I truly believe that it can transform your life, outlook and positivity.

This blog is going to cover a huge range of artistic techniques, theories, ways to improve your art, how colour can affect your mood and so much more, but for now - what is the Power of Art?

Art has, for millennia, been our purest form of self-expression. From cave paintings that tell us stories before we even had words to masterpieces hanging in the Lourve that have been admired, critiqued, debated over for centuries.

Art tells stories, connects us with others, communicates what we might not be able to say with words, and it acts as a mirror to your soul. It brings us joy, too - look around at the art you might have on your walls, or desk, your mantelpiece or even garden - you picked that art for a reason. It brought you joy, moved you, reminded you of something or someone important or captured a treasured memory.

It’s subjective, and what one piece of art means to me, it may not mean to you - but that’s okay! In fact, that’s the point. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to what makes you happy.

I also find that being surrounded by art brings out our own creativity; we’re inspired, or moved, or motivated to create our own, and that’s beautiful. What I love most about the workshops and classes I run is watching your creativity grow and evolve as you become more tuned in to your own artistic expression, and the pride and fulfillment you feel when you complete a piece of art.

My workshops and classes are a complete safe-space for people all along the artistic spectrum. They work for complete beginners to confident artists, and I check in along the way to make sure you’re following, you’re happy, and you’re enjoying what you’re creating. It’s not about making a masterpiece, (although everypiece of art is perfect, because it comes straight from your heart and soul) it’s about finding your own unique creative voice, and having fun with it! Every ‘mistake’ is just a happy accident that adds to the story of your piece, and it’s always something we can work in.

I’d love to hear from you if you want to share your work, talk about art and creativity, or ask about workshops and classes - so feel free to get in touch on Facebook or Instagram!

Until then, subscribe to keep up to date with advice-packed blog posts, newsletters and upcoming classes and events, or come over to the private Facebook group, Creative Misfits, to get weekly inspiration that will help you embrace your inner creatrix!

Talk soon!

Emma x


I love what you said about how being surrounded by art brings up our own creativity😀

Emma Rigarlsford
Emma Rigarlsford

Thank you so much Franca ❤ it is so true... it can have such a big impact on us and how we see the world and ourselves! 🥰

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