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Who are YOU? And who do you want to be?

Welcome back to the Joyous Misfit blog, creatrixes!

Are you seizing the day today?

When I’m in the shop, people come in for the art and stay for the connections, conversations and discoveries. I love to tell my story - my transformation from teacher to artist. I’ve taken many forms, walked down many paths, but this is what fits me best, and it’s my truest self. Once upon a time, it seemed unattainable, and dreams seemed unrealistic.

That seems to be a common denominator in most of the people I talk to - in today’s busy world, we’ve become too accustomed to not having dreams. And when we do have dreams, we’re told very clearly that they should stay just that, and to keep our reality (work, life, general business that sweeps us off our feet and washes us out to sea, often making us feel completely out of control) separate.

More than that, though, we’re taught that our dreams and our realities can’t coincide or overlap.

I don’t know where we got such an idea, but it gets ingrained in us from young adulthood and most of us never shake it.

For me, art and creativity doesn’t just help me live out my reality - it is my reality. But that was a long journey, and getting there wasn’t easy. I did almost all of it myself (because supportive family and friends are amazing, but they’re often in the same boat) and most of the time, I had the answers before I’d even figured out the questions.

I’m here to ask you those questions that’ll get you thinking, questioning, and changing.

I could put it in a blog post, or a Facebook post, or a live - but it wouldn’t cover everything, and my biggest, most burning passion is helping people live the life they truly want to live, and discovering themselves through creative living - so, instead, I’m going to host…

A 7-day, completely free, in-depth, soul-discovery masterclass.

Thanks to my background as a teacher (of which I have 15 years of experience) and a 1:2:1 artistic coach, I’m used to learning about each of my students and clients intimately.

I want to get to know YOU, and who YOU want to be… and then, together, we’ll figure out which questions you need to find the answers to, to get you there.

My 7-day free masterclass will go through the ins-and-outs of changing the path you’re

on (and realising that it’s doable, and the biggest hurdle you’ll need to jump is your own self-doubt), looking at the feminine archetypes and which magnificent free spirit you relate to and embody, how creativity is so much more than just art and how you can unlock your own innate creativeness, and how to live life a little more freely.

Have you got big changes on the horizon?

I know change can be hard and scary. Often, we’d rather choose to stay stagnant than make waves, because it can be daunting to make big changes. My own changes were huge - I went from being a teacher to a full-time artist and coach. I truly believe that the secret to making it work was me and my own self-belief.

Are you satisfied? ...And are you happy to just live a ‘satisfied’ life?

Life doesn’t have to stop at contentedness. It’s great to be satisfied with where you are and what you have… but when was the last time you felt overwhelming joy and a fresh excitement when you woke up in the morning?

Are you living creatively?

Like I spoke about in my last blog post, creativity isn’t just art. Creativity is an endless horizon, and I do believe that everyone has the capacity for creativity - but so often, it’s stamped out of us at a young age in place of academia.

My masterclass will help you unearth your creativity - and it’s through that, that self-communication and reflection becomes possible.

Seizing the day is what you make it.

I seized the day and changed my career (and with it, my entire world perspective). I seized the day and wrote a fun, colourful, magical children's book. I seize the day when I get a big canvas and get my hands deep in the paint and just let my emotions move my limbs so I can freely create.

What does seizing the day look like to you?

Today, maybe it’s signing up for a masterclass that’ll cost you nothing… but might just be invaluable.

Get ready to activate your inner creative Goddess by signing up here.

I can’t wait to see you there.

Talk soon,

Emma x

P.S: I’m still running my art classes! Come embody the wild woman with me and create a stunning piece. Or, shop my pieces if you’re looking for some colour in your home.

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